Although Snoop Dogg is known for his work with Dr. Dre and later on in his career, The Neptunes, he has revealed that he always give up-and-coming producers a shot. In an interview with Taj Mahal, Snoop said, “I always give niggas a chance . . . n*ggas that ain’t got no name. I love giving them a chance by rapping on they beats. I’m just saying when I do that, don’t rob me, rob the next n*gga. ‘Cause I’m the n*gga you tell people, ‘Yeah, Snoop gave me $20,000 for the beat.’ Nah I ain’t gave you sh*t, but you tell a n*gga I gave you $20,000, that’s how you leverage the game.”

Snoop then told the story on how he gave Long Beach producer Soopafly his start. He said, “This n*gga Slip Capone and CPO [The Boss Hogg], Soopafly did a beat for them and they didn’t like the beat – ended up being the song on the Murder Was The Case soundtrack . . . I took the beat, gave him [$5,000], he had never made a beat for nobody, and I gave him his publishing. And I gave him his credit, I could have said produced by Snoop Dogg.”

He continued, “I was on Death Row back then, that’s what Suge Knight told me to tell him. He said, ‘Tell that n*gga you produced the beat, give him $500 and tell him to kick rocks.’ I said, ‘Nah, I like the lil n*gga I think he might be good with our crew and look where he at.”