Reports say that Queen Latifah is getting fit and healthy in order to win back her girlfriend, personal trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. According to The National Enquirer, the actress has cut out junk food and started exercising in order to win back her ex. Sources told the tabloids that the two are “patching up their differences” after splitting over Latifah’s poor eating habits.

Biggest Loser guru Jillian Michaels reportedly had a conversation with Latifah — and it has turned her life around. An insider told the tabloid, “Latifah is tough as nails and is as stubborn as a mule – once her mind is set, it takes a lot to change it.” The source said that Jillian a dose of “tough love” to Latifah — who is hoping to start a family with Jeanette through adoption, surrogate birth or one of them carrying the baby.

  • The source added, “Jillian told her if she is planning to raise children, it is her responsibility to be a good role model. She also reminded Latifah that if she continued down the junk food, cigar-chomping highway, there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be around to see her kids graduate high school.”
  • The insider said that after the talk, Latifah vowed to Jeanette to change her ways and “Jeanette promised Latifah she’ll do whatever it takes to help her.”
  • The tabloid reported that the couple — who began dating back in 2003, were spotted smiling and working out together near their home over the 4th of July weekend.