There’s a crazy rumor going around that Diddy and Jennifer Lopez are dating again. According to, a source said that Diddy and Jennifer hadn’t spoken in nearly a decade, but Jennifer allegedly reached out to Diddy last year when she realized that her marriage to Marc Anthonywasn’t working. The insider said, “[Diddy] was not expecting Jennifer to call him. They hadn’t spoken in years, and all of a sudden, she’s calling and texting.”

The insider also said that the two have kept in contact for months and last week, they actually went on a date. The two allegedly went out in NYC at Phillipe Chow last Wednesday (July 20th). An eyewitness said, “Diddy came in quickly and immediately went to the private area . . . about 20 minutes later J Lo went in. I was in shock.”

  • According to Gossip Cop, Jennifer’s rep confirmed that the rumors are not true. Diddy and JLO didn’t not go out date last Wednesday. She was on the set of her new film ‘What To Expect When you Are Expecting’ in Atlanta on that day.
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