IAA:  What is your music background?

DUB WRIGHT:  As a kid growing up in the late 80s early 90s I was blessed to experience a variety of different artist and music in every genre. In seventh grade I realized I had a passion for poetry.  I use to write poems to girls as a way of showing my interest in them. Music is a big part of me. Although I never thought I would pursue a career in the music industry, it has always been around me. From hearing stories about my karaoke days and witnessing my aunt and uncles sing during family functions; music is me! I started off just promoted and networking for my team Don’t Blame Life. I watched them kill tracks as I picked up some of my own tips.  I then decided to put out a mixtape that was entitled S.e.t.b.a.c.k an acronym for Success Even Though Bullshit Always Comes Knocking.  That was my debut. Before I even dropped a mixtape I had already been performing, doing interviews and creating a buzz so it’s a blessing! My biggest show so far was in Bloomington, Indiana when I opened for MMG artist Stalley.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your music?

DUB WRIGHT:  Seeing the growth with my music has kept me going.  I want to create music that’s going to last after I’m gone. There are so many different emotions in music. I feel like when I release my music I’m giving you a part of me. I give you a part of me that consists of current, past and future things that I have been through, seen or plan on going through.  I know the fans will come because it’s real music. I feel like every time I record a track my mindset is to make it better than the last.  My fans are seeing me at ground level and watching me blossom into an artist that has his own vision, goals, and style.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

DUB WRIGHT:  Everyday life, usually how I feel at the certain time of recording. When you hear my verses you can expect to hear about the S.e.t.b.a.c.ks I have dealt with, uplifting and inspiring words, knowledge, love, power, peace, higher and lower self. No matter what it’s “Success Even Though Bullshit Always Comes Knocking”

IAA:  Who is your fan based directed towards?

DUB WRIGHT:  I focus on the ages of 18-35. I want to have music everyone can relate to no matter the age, race, or religion. Everyday life music is what I do.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences and why?

DUB WRIGHT:  First and foremost my mother and family because they have been through so much and supported me in whatever I chose to do.

I inspire myself when I come up with a dope song and the feeling of it just makes me want to do it forever especially when I get feedback. I accept all feedback.  Let me know what I’m doing wrong so I can fix it and kill it next time!

Before I get into this I have to say rest in peace to the greats that gave us so much more than music. I’m glad I had the chance to see them.

Kanye West inspires me because at first no one wanted him to hop on tracks and they doubted him. They said he could never be a rapper or didn’t believe in him. I believe Kanye has always been a dope musician. I love how he got into the game and is doing his thing.

Jay-Z because he is a natural born hustler! Jay-Z’s success, grind, longevity, and the iconic things he has done for both hip hop and the business industry influence me.

Lil Wayne, his bars are just crazy and I always just vibe with the flow definitely one of my favorite artist.

Rick Ross is a boss, enough said

I really like this new wave of artist that are breaking into the game. They have definitely motivated me to step my game up.

Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Usher are also influential. By far my favorite music has to be old school music. Back when music was at its finest. Overall  If it’s good music I like it! I don’t care what genre it is.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

DUB WRIGHT:   Raw, motivating, smooth, inspiring, real, right on time. On the come up!! Progression If your not continuing to grow not only as a person but as a mc your dying!!!

What makes you stand out from other artists?

DUB WRIGHT:  My attitude, my vision, how humble I am, and how I think not only as an Mc. Personally, I don’t believe in beef, don’t believe in hate, I believe we need to come together and build one another instead killing one another and destroying what our ancestors fought so hard for us to have. It is enough money out here for everybody to eat!

IAA:  What upcoming projects are your currently working on?

DUB WRIGHT:  As of right now I’m working with some new producers and some talented new artist in my region. Booking more shows, collabs and networking is what I been spending my time on. I plan on dropping an EP, and also my sophomore mixtape this summer.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 Years?

DUB WRIGHT:  I want to create classic albums, tour internationally, own a sports team, have my own label, and open a few businesses.  In ten years. I see myself being a frontrunner in this music industry. I see myself venturing into the movie scene. I see myself producing more of my own music. I also see myself re-opening my high school that was closed a few years ago.

IAA:  How can your fans contact you and access your music?

DUB WRIGHT:   twitter : @dubwright260

Hotnewhiphop.com- mixtapes- Search dub Wright- S.e.t.b.a.c.k freshman orientation debut mixtape


Soundcloud: dub wright




  1. congratulations bro!i am a indiana native and i just wanna stop through and show some love.hope to see you at the top bro!!

    • Congrats DUB…continue to make music that you LOVE!!!! I had an amazing time recording “Where I Come From” can’t wait to get back in studio with you. So keep the tracks coming, and remember to stay true to yourself ! I wish you nothing but the BEST

    • Dude you are a Legend in the music industry. All these other musicians need to get on your level. Much love brother.


  2. Comin thur to show my homie some much much LOVE for doin his thing in are city. Great talent. And you are going to go far wit this great music and lyrics cause you have what it takes. Keep up the good work and it will pay off. Love is love

  3. Long time no see or talk, but keep your eyes on on each opportunity that may come your way, nothing really happens overnight but with the media and internet like it is today you can become hot quick. Having artists like Chief Keef and Trindad James and LiL B make it big anyone can do it with a certain style. Stay Focused.

  4. Good shit nice to see people from the 260 actually making good music and doin’ things. Never give up on the dream

  5. Congratulations!! I’m so proud of you for following your dreams. Great answers n keep up the good work and stay focused.

  6. Love how u wanna bring elmhurst back. Never forget where your from no matter how far u are from home. Good luck with all u do. Follow your dreams only u can make them come true. Stay focused and positive and u will succeed more than you will ever know.

  7. you are amazing! 🙂 brother keep it up! your style is very unique and I love everything you put out! DREAMS ARE REAL. just believe. your keeping your dream alive nothing but respect. love is love babe!i

  8. Look at You! Doing amazing things out here! Such an inspirational and humble interview I hope you continue to follow your dreams and produce amazing music! Goodluck Hun!

  9. Pretty dope bra. Caught ur last show. Good stage presence and swag. You sound even better in person. Keep doin what it do. You got next!

  10. I knew it was a matter of time before you get noticed for how you been workin bro just keep doin what you doin stay humble and never forget where you came from and you’ll be at the top fuckin with the best of them

  11. Cuzzo keep slidin down yo lane bro regardless what anybody think/say famo..! Stay foolish n stay humble..! N most of all KEEP WORKIN bro cus hard work pays off RS

  12. This is an amazing article nephew! I’m so proud and impressed with you! Stay humble, and positive. Greatness is in you. -Peace & Blessings

  13. Proud of you bruh!! You already know I’m gone have to bless you with a few tracks. Keep on your path to more success and get ready for the blessings you are about to receive. Outro

    Spacely Atoms aka “Rude Gentleman”

  14. Keep doing ya thang my dude! I proud to see you going for what you’re passionate in… I enjoy seeing how you progress and Im loving the knowledge you dropping bro!

  15. Glad to see you catching your goals and dreams man, stick with what your passionate about and everything else will fall into place. I support you you and I’m behind you maboi! Just stay consistent in your efforts.
    “if you want to grow consistency is key”

  16. I had no idea that you were into music like that. I’m very impressed by, and proud of you for following you dreams. Keep your head and I’m sure you will accomplish all that you set out to do.


  18. Heard you killed your last show homie!!!! keep doing what your doing…will definitely be in attendance next time around… your destined for GREATNESS!!!

  19. Davyn, I honestly had no clue you were doing things at this scale. It’s so good to hear about us young folk and our successes. I have known you since high school and I wish the best to you and all that you do. Only advice: “Surround yourself with only friends who call you a superstar” because you are. Get it.

  20. Davyn!!! This is long overdue but I am proud of you, you have definitely came a very long way and I pray that you continue to move forward and achieve every single goal in life plus more! Although we havent talked in awhile I do wish the est for u and next time you come to Bloomington, I better know about it 🙂 Best wishes with your music career and your future businesses! SHOW THESE YOUNG BLACK MEN THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE <3

  21. Hey Cuzo… Keep up the good work, I’m so very proud of u at wht u been doin. Your day will soon come keep the faith and God will see u thru.. Love u much!!!

  22. Determination is the key… Keep ur mind focused and you will succeed…. Great job and you have you have my support!!!

  23. S/O to my boy dub for all the music he makes, I’ve known him for some time now and I always try to get his records in my set! Keep up the good work bro!


  25. Congrats D. Wright!!!!… See you out here doing big things keep it up…. Remember the sky is the limit… keep reaching for it!!!!

  26. This is what’s up for real!!! You done did ALOT from the last time we got up. Keep Doing what you doing and run that cause you going to the top #knowThat!!!

  27. Continue to keep grindin & doin what you love to do, which is creatin music the people want to hear!! God will bless you in your journey . By the way, great interview!

  28. Nice interview bro. Good to see you’re still working towards your dreams. Keep up the hard work man bro it’ll pay off

  29. Just would like to thank everyone for all the love and supporting what I love to do…i vow to always provide timeless music …LOVE

  30. I always believed in you because you stay humble and remain true to your roots. I’ve always enjoyed listening to your music. -Much Love-


  32. Hey just showing some love. A friend of yours told me to check you out and I can honestly say I’m beyond happy to see a humble person reach their dreams! stay with it!

  33. Stay on your Grit cuz, your time is coming sooner than you know it! keep faith and you will be bless for many years!!!

  34. Great motivational music. We need more music like this keep up the good work
    bro the sky is the limit you got it…

  35. Life is what you make it and it looks like you makin it..only you can hold you down fasho I wish you luck on ur career you definitely on the rigt track…

  36. Bra you doing you think out here keep grinding all day everyday keep up the hard work you proof that hard work pays off I remember back in the day why you was talking bout it now you out here going it a lot of people talk about what they can do or what they will do but you take the initiative to put in the time work and the effort to make things happens and now you seeing the results of all your hard work and labor you put in all the days and sleepless nights keep it up fam you motivated me to chase my dreams cus u said you was going to do it now you doing keep ya faith up and stay humble

  37. Big cuzin I jst wanna,say I love u soooo much . I pray ur dreams cum true . N ur right at family functions my dad n our uncles always singing . Times it inspires me too but idk if I can sing lol . But keep up the gu4 work need anything u know im here always n forever love u

  38. Dub.. its been real…. I am very happy for a you and all the success you are having…. music is “banging”…and a all around guud dude…. I wish you many blessings in both personal and business career….

  39. Following Your Dreams and Turning Them Into a Reality….an Elmhurst Native ! I commend you on everything you have accomplished thus far !

  40. I grew up with you and always seen music as one of your many talents. Im very proud of the man u have become and the continuous growth you are displaying. Keep up the good work Mr Wright and dont let the devil steer you wrong!!!!!!

  41. Cuz i see you really putting in work!!!! God is with you! he wont put anything on you that you couldnt handle! keep it up


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