Lil Wayne’s lawsuit against his former “daddy” Brian “Baby” Williams is only getting uglier. Weezy is claiming Birdman also neglected to pay his Young Money artists Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga money they were due. 

Reports TMZ:

Lil Wayne now claims in his bitter lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money, he has letters from Drake and Tyga’s people claiming they got stiffed out of a fortune. And Nicki’s people say in a separate letter her producers also got shortchanged by Young Money, and Wayne says it’s Cash Money’s responsibility to pay producers.

As you know, Lil Wayne runs Young Money, whose stable of artists include Drake, Nicki and Tyga. Cash Money is the parent company of Young Money, and Birdman is the big boss.

The allegations of Cash Money’s financial shenanigans are massive. Young Money clams it was supposed to get a big chunk of a $100 million advance from Universal — an advance that went directly to Cash Money — and they’re still waiting.

However, Cash Money claims the doled out plenty of advance money to Lil Wayne, including $70M to cover Young Money recording costs and $32M in album advances for Tunechi himself.

It’s worth noting that Drake’s latest album, What A Time To Be Alive, with Future, was released jointly between Cash Money and Epic Records. So Birdman is still getting paid.


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