We’ve all experienced it before, holding our tongue, compressing our frustration, or simply imploding with anger because we couldn’t express how we really felt. Well the good news is there’s a safe and controlled place to vent those anger issues, a swear-word coloring book, no bullshit!

If you’ve been on the internet over the last year you probably know that adult coloring books are the latest trend in art and stress management. However Philly-based artist and author Jacqueline Monique has put a twist on the term “art therapy” with her debut adult coloring book, Fuck This I’m Coloring now available on Amazon

UntitledFuck This I’m Coloring, available on Amazon for $9.99

Debuted at #1 on Amazon’s New Release list, this book features 30 highly illustrated swear words and phrases, and beautiful high quality designs that will leave you both laughing and venting. “It’s a good distraction from stress” says the author “The book is less about shock value and more about
being human”

Created for all levels, this book is for all adults whether you’re a novice or color like a boss. And for those who prefer markers, the convenient Bleed Blocker pages between each color page are there to catch most marker bleeds. Like to doodle your own shit? There’s a section toward the back for that called Dirty Talk Templates!

Untitled1“This book is less about shock value and more about being human” -Jacqueline Monique, Author

We highly recommend this coloring book since it’s cathartic, brilliant, and simply funny as hell for the foul-mouthed population. Even if you aren’t into coloring, the artwork alone holds its own weight. We fucking love it, and think you will too. Buy it now

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