1. tony says:

    I knew you could do it!

  2. Doc says:

    Good job kid!!

  3. Jonny says:

    Way to go fam!!

  4. Rick says:

    Good job buddy!

  5. Mike G says:

    Your hard work is paying off!!!

  6. Big Fan says:

    You are the light!

  7. Big Fab says:

    Back for more!!

  8. Drayce says:

    Way to go uncle!!

  9. Sid says:

    New style of music!!

  10. Derek says:

    Way to go cuz!!

  11. Rocky says:

    You ave been down it since a kid

  12. Phil says:

    The best isn the biz!

  13. Jay says:

    Nice work Brother

  14. Hot girl14 says:

    you are fine!!

  15. Bobby says:

    the real!!

  16. man1993 says:

    Light up is my jam!!

  17. Ron says:

    You have the stage

  18. Big G says:

    You the man!

  19. Rod says:

    rep your city!

  20. Big skip says:

    Sarasota’s finest!

  21. Flash says:

    great ideas!

  22. Alen says:

    Your better than the stuff i hear on the radio.

  23. Pop says:

    Postman Is legit!!

  24. Fun Girl says:

    I can’t wait for the magic fingerz album!!

  25. Bill says:

    You the man!!

  26. Sound guy says:

    Dynimite sounds!

  27. Mr. G says:

    music sounds great!

  28. Lonny says:

    I listen to you on Spotify all of the time!!

  29. Ray says:

    I love you radio mixes!!

  30. Janet says:

    your songs are the best!

  31. Austin says:

    Way to go Postman

  32. Tom D says:

    Glad to see you made it brother!

  33. Anna G. says:

    real talent!

  34. Tina says:

    Are you Married?

  35. Ronnie says:

    great beats!

  36. Barry says:

    You my Dude!

  37. Markie says:

    Do it for Sarasota

  38. Olivia says:

    my uncle is the best!

  39. Terrell says:

    Do it for the hood

  40. Nina says:

    I love your eyes

  41. Natalie says:

    You are cute!!

  42. J Smiles says:

    Original Music!!!

  43. J.J. says:

    Music For the Streets

  44. Carla says:

    Postman Music Forever!!

  45. Carlos says:

    Done change a thing!!

  46. Carly says:

    No make up is the best song ever!

  47. Tiki says:

    So happy for you!!

  48. Pat says:

    We knew you could do it.

  49. Reggie says:

    We need more artist like you.

  50. Emily says:

    We love Postman in Buffalo!

  51. Zoey says:

    I love your concert!

  52. Zoey says:

    sweet tunes!

  53. Harry says:

    Good job bud

  54. Big Ant says:

    Get that money$$$

  55. Alley says:

    You Rock!!

  56. Dee says:

    Almost There!!

  57. Quincey says:

    Money all day!!

  58. Ricco says:

    The take over!!

  59. Jacob says:

    Way to go!!

  60. Tayna says:

    I want you!!

  61. Nicole says:

    Nice job Babe

  62. Shellie says:

    You are my world

  63. Frankie says:

    What’s Gucci?

  64. Erik says:

    Good work friend

  65. Peggy says:

    Love me some Postman!!

  66. Pete says:

    You deserve it brother!

  67. Natasha says:

    Way to go Sweetie!!

  68. ShotGun says:

    Thanks for the beats cuz!!

  69. Janis M. says:

    nice sounds and better guy.

  70. Valerie says:

    I love your song Collins

  71. lea says:

    My Friend!!

  72. Jim says:

    You said you would do it!

  73. Sandra says:


  74. Yolanda says:

    Nice work Postman

  75. Mark Sr. says:

    we be jammin

  76. Jaz says:

    Very talented!!

  77. Garrison says:

    Showing love from London!!

  78. Olga says:

    The best!

  79. Lenny says:

    Live the dream!

  80. Mrs. Johnson says:

    We knew you could it!!

  81. Beth says:

    Follow your dreams

  82. Rasp says:


  83. Scott says:

    Keep going brother your almost there!!

  84. Adam says:

    Chicago has your back.

  85. Princes says:

    You were so nice when I met you.

  86. Winslow J. says:

    Love the originality

  87. Kelly says:

    I love the song you made about your wife.

  88. Rita says:

    Nice photos

  89. Kristiana says:

    You should be on the radio

  90. Lexie says:

    You are fine!!

  91. Cherri says:

    I happy for you friend

  92. Bella says:

    Your my Dog!!

  93. Kim W. says:

    I glad it’s working out for you.

  94. The Roc. says:

    Cant wait to hear more

  95. Lacey says:

    I love your instagram!!

  96. Elen says:


  97. veronica says:

    love your style

  98. Apple says:

    Nice presentation

  99. Sam says:

    the music is great!

  100. Riley says:

    call me!!

  101. Lolli says:

    I love Slide!!

  102. Fran says:

    Love from the Netherlands

  103. Good Vibes says:


  104. Young Coup says:

    Ridin Postman

  105. Chase says:

    Do it Big!!

  106. Maria says:

    I love your smile!!

  107. Wiz says:

    Dope Music Cuz

  108. Bert says:

    A legend in the making

  109. Davonte says:


  110. Ceelo says:

    Swag to Deff!!

  111. Jay P. says:

    You deserve it brother!

  112. Felix says:

    Great flow!

  113. Raf says:

    I hope you make it big!

  114. Celia says:

    You can do it poppie

  115. The Crew says:

    We behind You all the way!!

  116. Big Ant says:

    New York’s Got Your Back!!!

  117. Cedric says:

    You Live!!

  118. Moe says:

    Live it up!!

  119. Steve J. says:


  120. Danny says:

    Good job Boss

  121. Bentley says:

    Sarasota Legend

  122. Calvin says:

    Good job My friend

  123. Laz says:

    Im proud of you my brother

  124. Gina R. says:

    Cant wait to see your concert!

  125. Pauly says:

    Go Get’em

  126. Mackie says:

    Postman is the light

  127. Martin says:

    You da Bo$$

  128. KG says:

    Change the game Postman

  129. Wayne says:

    You are a hard worker.

  130. Richard says:

    Thanks for playing at our school.

  131. T Rock says:

    thanks for helping me get on

  132. Titus says:

    Rep for Booker

  133. Ron G says:

    Keep on doing it

  134. Robbie says:

    Since middle school

  135. Pat K. says:

    Game Tight!!!

  136. Dale says:

    Get pimpin

  137. Victor says:

    Enjoy the ride

  138. Betts says:

    Yes Sir!

  139. Linda says:

    you make me smile.

  140. Timmy T says:

    Fabulous sounds!!

  141. David C. says:

    Good job old friend

  142. Rose says:

    Nice Music

  143. Lara says:

    Way to go sweetie!!

  144. Randal says:

    Best music I’ve heard in a while

  145. Pauly says:

    Best artist on this sites by far!!

  146. Ryan D says:

    They aint got nothing on you Postman

  147. Nikki girl says:

    So Sexy!!

  148. Mickey says:

    You keep it popping!!

  149. Sandra says:


  150. Lacey says:

    Nice look

  151. Laronda says:

    You doing it big!

  152. Music lover says:

    nice stuff!

  153. Mr. Rivers says:

    Good job young man.

  154. Amy says:

    Groovy tunes!!

  155. Steph says:

    You are perfect!!

  156. Tyrone says:

    AT the top!!

  157. Portland says:

    Love your music in France!

  158. Lynn says:

    The very best music!!

  159. Arnie Mack says:

    Way to put it down!

  160. Rudy says:

    Good Job Buddy!!

  161. fancy says:

    Boy you are fine!

  162. tyrone says:


  163. MR. D says:

    Great art work

  164. Tom Rock says:

    Dude is legit

  165. Wess C. says:

    Make it happen!

  166. Kalley says:

    nice job!!

  167. Mr. P. says:

    Way to never give up!

  168. Natalie says:

    More music please!

  169. nick jones says:


  170. Mr. jones says:

    Fantastic music!!

  171. Pat D. says:

    It’s your time!

  172. Roger H. says:

    Been a fan since your first cd

  173. Chum says:

    Postman is what’s up!!

  174. Missy says:

    Wish you the best of luck

  175. Old Man says:

    I see big money in your future.

  176. Mgr. says:

    Rock the funky beat!!

  177. Donovan. says:

    Keep making music!!

  178. Alice says:

    I want to meet you!!

  179. Tanesha L says:

    You look so good!!

  180. Amber C. says:

    I’m so happy for you!!

  181. Brett M. says:

    Your hard work payed off my friend.

  182. Darnell says:

    I love how every song is different.

  183. Arnold says:

    Next stop the grammys

  184. Flip says:

    Drop on them home!!

  185. rodney says:

    You headed to the top

  186. Nikko says:

    Do it BIG!!

  187. Smokey says:

    You da one

  188. Rick G. says:

    good job Buddy

  189. Dennis says:

    Making Moves!!

  190. April says:

    I want to be your girl!!

  191. Gip says:

    Tru Dat Hommie

  192. Josh says:

    Slide is my jam!!

  193. Torri T. says:

    Way to go Postman!

  194. Hexxenn says:

    The right mix

  195. Morgan says:

    What personality!!!

  196. Skip says:

    Nice Brother!!

  197. Newman says:

    World get ready for Postman!

  198. Regina G. says:

    Good luck Postman!

  199. #1 Fan says:

    Your the best!!!

  200. Justin Tyme says:

    Your music is Fire!!

  201. Mea says:

    Way to go fam!!!

  202. Bria says:

    Good Job!!

  203. Maria says:

    Glad to know you!!

  204. Bunky says:

    You said you would do it!!!

  205. Buck says:

    Your killing it!!

  206. Monty says:

    Postman Music Forever!

  207. jojo says:

    So sexy!!

  208. Norma says:

    The Check is in!!!

  209. Young Fella says:

    Straight fire!

  210. Cap says:

    You got the key!!

  211. Wendy T. says:

    Radio is a great song!!

  212. Tootsie says:

    Big Dawg!!!

  213. Dougie says:

    Do the Damn thang!!!

  214. Mike P says:

    Your father would be proud!!

  215. Noella says:

    Greetings from FRANCE!!

  216. Lynn B. says:


  217. Mike B. says:

    Good job Posty!!

  218. Rolly M. says:

    Nice sounds!! Different.

  219. Andy J. says:

    Good job hommie

  220. Dawn M says:

    Great guy and great music!!

  221. Andre L. says:

    We jam your music in California!!

  222. Tink says:

    Ready to heart you on the radio

  223. Brooke G. says:

    Your the best Dj!!

  224. Matt says:

    Keep rocking Cuz!!

  225. Ronda says:

    Do it for your father!!

  226. Carl E. says:


  227. Cliff says:

    Your the new style of music.

  228. Nicole M says:

    Blow up the charts!!

  229. Alan S. says:

    Very Smart Postman

  230. Kim W. says:

    Super Sexy!

  231. Cadillac says:

    Smooth ride playa!

  232. Mario says:

    You on top Brother!!

  233. Peggy says:

    You rocked our party!!!

  234. Caz says:

    The party Rocker!!!

  235. Terri T. says:

    Nice lips!!

  236. miketaylor says:

    Nice Raps

  237. Rich says:

    You Da man!!!

  238. Big T. says:


  239. Ray says:

    Postman the Bomb!!!

  240. Alice says:

    You are awesome!!

  241. Art says:

    Way to go Nasty!!

  242. Shane C. says:

    Do it for the 12076 Posse!!

  243. Gator says:

    Rep 941

  244. Mercedes B. says:

    So hot!!!

  245. The goods says:

    Loud music!!

  246. Matty P says:

    Quality music

  247. Flow says:

    Nothing compares to you

  248. Gina R. says:

    your music is my fav!!

  249. Martin C. says:

    I like your fan page.

  250. Mar says:

    wonderful sounds!!

  251. Courtney says:

    Good job brother! You can make it!!

  252. Party DJ says:

    You rock the party!!

  253. Denise says:

    You are great!

  254. A Dog says:

    Rockin Bo$$

  255. Alice M. says:

    You are so sweet!!

  256. Music Man says:


  257. Odele M. says:

    Your music is so fun!!

  258. Arnold J. says:


  259. Dr. Lee says:

    Nice job.

  260. Markom says:

    Your a great gut you deserve it.

  261. Franklin says:

    Music done right.

  262. Brenda says:


  263. Vince says:

    Your music jams!!

  264. Brian M. says:

    Fresh Style!

  265. Carla J. says:

    Nice pics!

  266. Stumpy says:

    Nice Cuts!

  267. Diane says:

    Good times!

  268. Brooke G. says:

    very fun music.

  269. Berry says:

    Follow Postman

  270. Lacey M. says:

    So Sexy!!

  271. Marge says:

    So much fun watching you perform.

  272. Liz says:

    Hope you make it big!!

  273. Julie says:

    Way to go sweetie!!

  274. Martha M. says:

    Go Postman!!

  275. Pony says:

    Ride the wave

  276. Parker says:

    Postman music is the new style off music for the future.

  277. Norris says:

    Great news for the music world.

  278. A Mack says:


  279. Damie says:

    Respect Postman music

  280. Sheldon says:

    Great DPK!

  281. Bronson says:

    Do it for your City

  282. Stewart S. says:

    A legend in the making.

  283. David J. says:

    Flashy Music!

  284. Marley says:

    Smoking hot!

  285. Marta says:

    Outstanding Dpk

  286. April M. says:


  287. Scottie says:

    The caption of the ship

  288. Shine says:

    Dope music fam!!

  289. TheSquad says:

    Way to go far we got your back!!

  290. Shanny says:

    Great job sweetie

  291. Leigh says:

    Way to deliver Postman!!

  292. Rex J. says:

    Keep it jumping!!

  293. A Mack says:

    Phat beats and rhymes!!

  294. Kim T. says:

    Good job bud.

  295. Ronald W. says:

    You got skills my man.

  296. Bryan W. says:

    Like those beats!

  297. Big Z. says:

    Turn it up!!

  298. Alex R. says:

    They aint got nothing on you!!

  299. Dj Jump says:

    You Live hommie!!!

  300. Timothy P. says:

    Dig your style.

  301. Rodney says:

    Love your run dmc mix!!

  302. Big Time says:

    Get that money!!

  303. yulia says:

    Your beautiful

  304. J Smiles says:

    fresh tracks!!

  305. Hollywood says:

    Dont change a thing.

  306. Richy says:

    Your almost there my friend.

  307. Oswald says:

    Keep jamin my friend.

  308. Hope says:

    Your the best!!

  309. Terrance says:

    Smooth flow!!

  310. Tranesha says:

    So much Swagg!!!

  311. Ilianna says:

    Way to go Mr. Postman

  312. Lance says:

    Makin moves Postman

  313. Dana F. says:

    keep going Buddy!!

  314. Philip says:

    Good luck with your music.

  315. Vannessa says:

    Way to go kid.

  316. G Man says:

    Do it son!

  317. Xavier says:

    Grown up dance music.

  318. Hopkins says:

    Postman Jamz my trunk

  319. Less says:

    Tight beats.

  320. Jr. says:

    You got this cuz

  321. Kinsley says:

    Go Postman!!

  322. Cooper says:

    Greetings from the down under.Way to go mat.

  323. Bryce W. says:

    Way yo go big dawg

  324. Will says:

    Nice Dpk

  325. Bobby R. says:

    The real get down!!

  326. Darnell says:

    Do that slide!!

  327. Raz says:

    Cool Buddy!!

  328. Ardell says:

    Resect the Postman

  329. Drop House says:

    Do your thang cuz!!

  330. Marilyn says:

    Postman for president.

  331. Robbie M. says:

    You can tell the passion you have for your craft.

  332. Marian M. says:

    Good music for everyone.

  333. Willis J. says:

    You got skills.

  334. Demarcus says:

    Hot tracks!!

  335. Verneace J. says:

    Great music with no bad words.

  336. Pastor John says:

    You you voice in a great way.

  337. Sanderson says:

    Much love Postman.

  338. Thompson says:

    Original music!!! I like it!!

  339. Winslow M. says:

    You are a great artist.

  340. Noela says:

    You are sexy Postman!

  341. Coach T. says:

    Good job buddy!!!

  342. Antwon J. says:

    Your music is dope cuz!!

  343. Juan M. says:

    Way to go my friend.

  344. Simone says:

    Fresh 2 Deaf!!

  345. Dj Ghost says:

    Nice work Postman.

  346. Big head says:

    I wish i could make music like you.

  347. Ahmad says:

    All I can do is go to the gym and work out. I listen to you will i work out Bro Chip. thanks

  348. Party girl. says:

    When i’m meesded up i play your songs

  349. Leroy says:

    Good job on DPK.

  350. Chancey says:

    Big Sounds Postman

  351. Fransisco R. says:

    Like a Bo$$!!

  352. Derek L. says:

    You’ve been doing it a long time.

  353. Passion says:

    Nice eyes!

  354. Sisqo says:

    Doing your thang Postman!

  355. Dabo says:

    You can do it son!!

  356. Robert says:

    Good to see doing well friend.

  357. Postman Fan says:

    Postman music forever!!!!

  358. Queen says:

    I love your music!!!

  359. Mr.Mack says:


  360. Darrnel W. says:

    Post Up!!

  361. Wanda says:

    Make it to the big time!!

  362. Heidi says:

    Move the crowd!!

  363. Big Bands says:

    Well put together tracks.

  364. Jason A. says:

    I can’t believe your not signed yet.

  365. Jeffery M. says:

    Timeless music.

  366. Sarasota says:

    Sarasota supports you.

  367. Vince says:

    Glad you made it.

  368. Martice says:

    Very interesting music.

  369. Shantell says:

    Wish you well Postman!

  370. Armaondo says:

    The DJ and MC!!!

  371. Jesus says:

    You kill the turntables!!

  372. brianwadeipug1 says:

    Dope music!

  373. Antonio M. says:

    Ride the wave.

  374. Marlisa says:

    Postman rocks!

  375. Alexia says:

    Worth the wait.

  376. Walter W. says:

    Groovy tunes

  377. Dexter says:

    Turned Up!!

  378. Billy says:

    I play you music every day on the way to work.

  379. Tyre J. says:

    Keep it 100!!!

  380. Vivian says:

    Your music makes dance!!!

  381. Ryan R. says:

    The Underground King!!

  382. Dan says:

    We are all rooting for you

  383. Marcell N. says:

    I appreciate your hard work and passion for your craft.

  384. Monty C says:

    Great Album

  385. Chase says:

    Light Up is Fire

  386. Raymond says:

    keep moving up

  387. Sussie says:

    You are the best!!

  388. Willie says:

    Good job Nasty!

  389. Spencer says:

    Nice Production

  390. Amy R says:

    I wish i could meet you!!

  391. Carla says:

    Slide!! All Day!!!

  392. kimmy K says:

    Go Postman!!

  393. Howard says:

    Original sounds.Thanks

  394. Wesley says:

    Fresh 2 Deaf

  395. Steve says:

    Ride out on’em Postman

  396. Noela says:

    You are so cute!!

  397. Nikki says:

    Hey sweetie!

  398. LoverGirl says:

    I want you!!

  399. Lisa D. says:

    I love your Instagram!!

  400. Bella R says:

    I can’t wait to see you perform!!

  401. Bernie says:

    You Da Man

  402. Mike P says:

    Timeless music

  403. Ronnie says:

    Master of your craft.

  404. Ray Ray says:

    Jam on Postman!!

  405. Dj Sweet says:

    A true pioneer.

  406. James S. says:

    The new style of music

  407. Jeffery J. says:

    Legendary album!!

  408. Don P. says:

    Keep it coming

  409. Flash says:

    Dope Music

  410. Donna says:

    Where have you been all of my life?

  411. Big Rod says:

    Not everyday a artist like you comes along

  412. Donavine says:

    Keep making music

  413. Doe Man says:

    Nice work Brother

  414. Lil Rick says:

    It’s cool someone from sarasota made it!!

  415. Marcey Mae says:

    Sweet as tea!

  416. musiclover says:

    Love you music!!

  417. Pet friend says:

    i enjoy your music.

  418. StreetKind says:

    Postman the O.G.

  419. Carlos says:

    Dope Instagram

  420. Dj Mack says:

    You doing it Big !!!!!

  421. Nicole M. says:

    Stick with Postman!

  422. Ian M says:

    Cheers Mate

  423. Katie says:

    Fantastic Album!!

  424. Marky says:

    So fresh!!

  425. Leo says:

    Cash Baby!!!

  426. Cee-low says:

    Good job Bud

  427. Jake J says:

    Yo Postman!!

  428. Linda K says:

    Keep chasing your dream!

  429. Mrs. K says:

    You the next starboy!!!

  430. Will says:

    Dig your art work

  431. Boosie says:

    Get that Paper$$

  432. Rocco says:

    Kill it buddy!!

  433. Becca says:

    You are Gorgeous !!

  434. Vickey H says:

    I hope you make it!!

  435. Adam F says:

    My boy Did It!!!

  436. Grahm says:

    Way to go!!

  437. Foxy says:

    Boy you hot!!!

  438. Frank says:

    I wish you all the best.

  439. Kimmy says:

    Great eyes!!

  440. Roc Boy says:

    Postman got swag $$

  441. Mr.Walls says:

    Great job my friend.

  442. Music guy says:

    You rock Bro!!

  443. Marshal H. says:

    I enjoy the originality.

  444. Vaughn says:

    Way to go Sweetie!!

  445. Tj says:

    Nice presentation my friend.

  446. Austin A says:

    Way to do it !!

  447. Big poppie says:

    You Did it!

  448. D-lux says:

    Grown folks dance music

  449. Chazz says:

    Game Tight

  450. Kelly M. says:

    I love No Make Up!!

  451. Randell says:

    Fresh Music Bro!

  452. Gary B says:

    I hope you sign big brother!

  453. Bernice W. says:

    You are Magic!

  454. Wendy P says:

    Good job Bud

  455. Mrs.Myers says:

    Keep following your dreams!

  456. Doug M. says:

    Stay hungry!!

  457. Big Gorge says:

    Outstanding my friend!

  458. Duncan says:


  459. Yolanda A says:

    I jam that Slide!!

  460. Shanita W says:

    Do the Postman Slide!!!

  461. Carl E says:

    Great album Postman!

  462. Stan R. says:

    Stay live!!

  463. Josh W. says:

    Nice beats

  464. Anthony says:

    Keep working hard.

  465. Sharp says:

    Nice tracks

  466. Monica says:

    I love your pictures!

  467. Martin says:

    Quality Music

  468. Chopper says:

    Get dat Doh!!

  469. Mike Murder says:

    You killing it Boss

  470. Apple says:

    You so sexy!!

  471. Ivan says:

    My friend!! Way to go!!

  472. Chicago says:

    All right man !!Way to Go !!

  473. Anderson C. says:

    Powerful Music.

  474. Cooper M says:

    Turn it Up!!

  475. Ernie J says:

    Hi energy music

  476. Jermaine says:

    Rock solid.

  477. Robbie says:

    Quality Sounds

  478. Love bug says:

    I want you!!

  479. Nick Roc says:

    Nailed It cuz

  480. Fran says:


  481. Tina says:


  482. Felix says:

    Tight Music!!

  483. Ronnie says:

    Get ready to be famous!

  484. Cash$ says:

    Rep for 941 cuz!!

  485. Recco says:

    its your time

  486. Young Pep says:

    Do your thang Postman

  487. Tesha says:

    I play your music on the way to work.

  488. J~Son says:

    You made the sacrifices,Now its time to shine.

  489. Uptown Crew says:

    We knew you could do it!!

  490. Carly says:

    Miss you!! xoxox

  491. Jessica C. says:

    We are all proud of you!

  492. Jay says:

    You Da Man!!

  493. Ashley T. says:

    Love your instagram!!

  494. Tom T. says:

    You on pace just like you said.

  495. Mr. P says:

    Happy thoughts

  496. Richard says:

    Good luck

  497. Trap City says:

    Loving your style!!

  498. Terri says:

    Hey cutie

  499. Erica says:

    Magic Fingers!!

  500. Ann says:

    You are very talented

  501. The Crew says:

    We got your back!

  502. Chris J says:

    Dope Jam!

  503. Pete W. says:

    Work the plan

  504. Andy J. says:

    Like the sound man.

  505. Dat Boy Trent says:

    Get them Dollarz$$$

  506. The Anderson says:

    You have been making music since a boy.Way to follow your dreams.

  507. Vicky says:

    Your father would be so proud of you.

  508. Bronson says:

    Put the Sota on the map!!

  509. LowKey says:

    My dude re-invented the wheel!!

  510. Charlie says:

    Stay hungry

  511. Part girl says:

    Great sounds!!xoxoxo

  512. Johnny says:

    Way to go cuz!!

  513. Albert says:

    Make it happen

  514. Frankie says:

    Your music is better then so much of the music on the radio.

  515. Erin W says:

    It was great to watch you perform

  516. Amanda says:

    Love your new album.

  517. Randy says:

    I listen to your music loud!

  518. Ryan A says:

    Well done my friend.

  519. Rat Pack says:


  520. 12076 Posse says:

    Do it for the crew!!!

  521. #1 Fan says:

    You are the greatest!!

  522. Marion E says:

    Hello from England.

  523. UP ON IT says:


  524. Joe Rock says:

    Big Ups from NYC

  525. Al says:

    Fresh beats

  526. Sofie says:

    You are Amazing!!

  527. Robbie Ray says:

    Big Beats is my jam!

  528. Racheal says:

    I love your smile!!! xoxoxox

  529. Ivan says:

    Your EDM album is great!

  530. Micheal B says:

    Good job cuz

  531. Phill says:

    You all in

  532. Big Reed says:

    nice press kit

  533. Smoke1 says:

    Light Up!!

  534. Lil Nip says:

    Pure Fire

  535. Brother John says:

    We will pray for you my son.

  536. Mr.Big says:

    Respect Postman

  537. Wally says:

    Great Style

  538. Rob m says:

    Thanks to you

  539. Wally B says:

    Good club music

  540. Jonny Ray says:

    Classic album

  541. Eian M says:

    Great sounds matte!!

  542. Patti says:

    Looking good to me

  543. Marcey G says:

    I think about you all of the time xoxoxoxo!!

  544. Nicki Lopez says:

    You keep me dancing Postman

  545. Clark G says:

    Grooving to your sounds.

  546. Freya says:

    You are a great DJ!!

  547. Jose says:

    Make way for Postman.

  548. Marley says:

    Dope Sounds

  549. Grace J. says:

    Love your style Postman.

  550. Opal says:

    I love your song All I want

  551. Ronnie Ray says:

    Keep moving up

  552. Big Al says:

    make history

  553. Richard says:

    its your time my friend

  554. Eric says:

    Time to shine

  555. #1 Fan says:

    Your the best!!

  556. Doc says:

    Postman is legit!!

  557. big wooble says:

    Do it big

  558. Sandy says:

    Well done album

  559. City Rock says:

    We got your back

  560. Young Price says:

    Your going to be the next big thing

  561. Bryce says:

    Stick with it your almost there

  562. Jay says:

    Rock it Postman

  563. Ralph G says:

    Your a star

  564. Joe G says:

    Nice dude when i met you.Wish you well.

  565. Happy girl says:

    Happy Music

  566. Ambie says:

    wish you well dear

  567. Tony says:

    Stay focused

  568. Alex says:

    You in the zone

  569. Raz M says:

    Slide is the Jam!!

  570. Alanso says:

    Represent Postman!

  571. Smokey says:

    Good job cuz.

  572. Pop says:

    Rep for Newtown.

  573. natalia says:

    beautiful pictures

  574. Tommy G says:

    You deserve a grammy

  575. Jerret says:

    Quality work

  576. Albie says:

    Grand entrance!!

  577. Low Down says:

    Big up’s to Postman

  578. Music lover says:

    Great tunes!!

  579. Marcus says:

    Original sound.

  580. Reggie says:

    I like that Slide!!

  581. Big Pop says:

    Club music mos def!!

  582. Nick Fresh says:

    Dope style my dude.

  583. Sandy May says:

    You keep me moving!!

  584. Sexy girl says:

    I wish i could meet you!!xoxoxo

  585. Rebbecca M. says:

    You are so good looking!!

  586. Marley says:


  587. Capt. Rick says:

    Keep sailing my friend.

  588. Gavin says:

    Attention to detail. I appreciate that.

  589. Lonny says:

    Making grooves!!

  590. Lexie says:

    I love your music!!

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