If you need a laugh today, this video of a man calling himself the “Asian E-40” hosting a cooking show is guaranteed to give you one.

However, one superfan has managed to copy 40’s entire image from the way he wears his hat and glasses down to his mannerisms. Online comedian T-Saki has been doing E-40 impersonation videos since 2011, but his latest performance is an instant classic.

In the latest clip from his “Asian E-40 Cooking Show” series, T-Saki gets in the Christmas spirit by wearing a huge reindeer medallion paying homage to 40’s infamous Sic-Wid-It hog piece. He then proceeds to instruct viewers on how to cook what he calls “Captain Save-A-Rolls.” The nickname is borrowed from 40’s hit “Captain Save-A-Hoe.”

For 90 seconds the “Asian E-40” does a perfect impression of the Bay Area legend every “uuh” and “mayne” properly placed. He reworks classic 40 lines like the one where he says he knows Santa Claus to where he said he isn’t talking too fast, people just listen too slow.


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