Check out Lil Will’s latest EP -“The World Is Mines” now available on ITUNES


  1. Guess says:

    Congratulations on your feature

  2. Jordan says:

    Nice Ep

  3. Lil Will says:

    Everybody Leave a Comment and add a Facebook like

  4. Mel's j says:

    Loving it

  5. Heather says:


  6. Pete says:

    Real Deal Lil Will

  7. Tina says:

    I like it ???

  8. Greg says:

    Pretty Good Ep

  9. Jasmine says:

    I love it Lil Will

  10. Blessed says:

    The World Is Yours ???

  11. London says:

    Dope music

  12. Gates says:

    Great Ep

  13. Money Man says:

    Day 1s ♠

  14. Bre says:

    Yes yes yes

  15. Kisses says:

    Amazing Music??????

  16. Taylor says:

    Is Heaven or is it Hell I love that song ??

  17. Keisha d says:

    Looking good Lil Will

  18. Eric says:

    Keep it coming

  19. Jessica says:

    The World Is Mines ??????

  20. reisha Vegas? says:


  21. King Doug says:

    Dope lil cuz

  22. Jack says:


  23. Idle Man says:

    I saw this on tweeter Great Music your really a hard worker

  24. Tray says:

    My nigga Gucci

  25. Jim says:

    Hot music I’m feeling Fedz Ain’t Watching

  26. Tiff tiff says:

    The World Is Mines ??

  27. Sherl King says:

    Showing support great music ☺

  28. Jason says:

    Keep it up the good work

  29. Tammy? says:

    Go lil will ??

  30. Kerry says:


  31. Molly says:


  32. Nina says:

    I love you lil will

  33. Leslie says:

    Good music

  34. Gabby says:

    Keep it coming you hot

  35. Alona says:


  36. Steven says:

    Screaming all the from cahokia il loving this

  37. Marvin says:

    Keep up the good work

  38. Melody says:

    It’s good to see a new artist out here

  39. Moe says:

    You keep it one hundred

  40. Bob says:

    It ain’t the same know more that that burner bro

  41. Tyler Bell says:

    Best coming the Eastside ?

  42. Tyler Bell says:

    Best coming from the Eastide?

  43. Unknown says:

    Ironic Sound , I viewed your website also Professional

    1. Fred says:

      I want to work with you

  44. Mimi says:

    Made yourself a Boss??

  45. Shamekia says:

    Always making great music

  46. Kevin says:

    Excellent SongWriter

  47. Larry says:

    For my Day 1s⛇

  48. Reginald Ball says:

    I see your Vevo videos both have or 1million views Congratulations

  49. Reginald Ball says:

    Your name is hot right now???

  50. Reginald Ball says:

    10 mixtapes and a blazing Ep , I’m lost for words?

  51. Walter says:

    Showing love from California

  52. Betty says:


  53. Samatha says:

    My friend shared this to me good Album Lil Will Day 1s

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