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THE PLUG is a membership based program dedicated to The Music, Film and Fashion Industries. It was created to help enhance clients’ careers by developing a marketable brand which can be utilized and capitalized. The Plug offers access to services from publicity campaigns, which includes being featured on major publications and blogs, to FM radio campaigns, and much more. Once you’re plugged in, you will gain access to resources allowing for opportunities to propel your career at an alarming rate.

The Plug: Music is dedicated to Musicians, Songwriters, Music Artists, Music Producers, and many more! This program is able to assist in developing and designing an artistic vision, resulting in increased sales, exposure, and a fan base. It also attracts new and diverse audience groups.

Utilizing our resources, clients will be successful in their music careers by leveraging a vast network of industry relationships and experience to ensure the artist’s vision is understood.

The Plug: Film is intended to draw in actor/actresses, playwrights, movie producers, photographers, graphic artists, and more. When taking advantage of these opportunities, clients will receive professional guidance by our experienced consultants, creating the foundation that will turn visions into realities.

The Plug: Comedy is specifically aimed at uprising comedians to achieve a successful comedy career. Grass Root strategies are intended to attract new audience and consumers through marketing initiatives, and partnerships with organizations both inside and outside the comedy community.

The Plug: Authors is dedicated to up and coming authors who are serious about developing and presenting an industry standard product while evolving in their careers. By utilizing our keys to success, authors can tap into their creative genius; all while being navigated by our experienced consultants.

The Plug: Fashion is geared towards designers, models, make-up artists, stylist, and more! By utilizing these services, clients are able to exceed and excel in their fashion careers, all while maintaining a competitive edge in the ever evolving fashion industry.

Your membership includes:

Industry Press Q&A Spotlight on • Media upload (either an mp3, video, or music link) • 4 week project calendar • Unlimited media uploading • Access to our services at up to 50% discount • Guaranteed Sponsorship

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