Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Compares Alleged Cheating To Rape


In a radio interview, the ex-wife of Steve Harvey compared his alleged
cheating to rape. In the radio interview, that aired yesterday morning
(January 31st), Mary Harvey — who released three You Tube videos last
week detailing the alleged infidelity and other nasty detail in their
marriage, continued to slam Harvey, although he has insisted that her
claims are “lies.”
Mary, who divorced Steve in 2005 said in the interview,”It took a long
time for me to get to this point. The reason I’ve been silent this entire
time is because I did take into consideration what it would do to both of
our families and our community.” Mary said she decided to publicly discuss
her marriage because “keeping quiet hasn’t served me physically. It hasn’t
served our son [Wynton]. I have suffered physically because of it. I’m not
in good health right now.”
Mary also criticized Steve for trying to maintain a wholesome celebrity
image after putting out a book on relationship while he allegedly has so
many secrets. She said, “I think the apology should be given to the women
who have been deceived into buying the books and who have perceived him as
being a pillar of the community,” Mary said.
When the interviewer noted that Steve is “doing some good” for the public
– Mary said that that doesn’t excuse his behavior. She responded, “I have
no doubt about that, but from a victim standpoint, it’s like saying to
someone who was raped and had not had closure from his attacker that he’s
still doing some good.”
When the interview objected to the word rape, Mary reportedly said, “It’s
rape to me.

Listen to the Mary Harvey and Tom Joyner radio interview: