Lady Gaga’s Rep Calls Cocaine Claims ‘Ridiculous’


Lady Gaga’s rep has called out reports claiming the pop star has an out-of-control cocaine and drug habit. Star magazine cites a supposed pal, who says the singer has hit “rock bottom” and gone off “the deep end,” adding that Gaga “relies heavily on cocaine to give her the pump in creativity that she thinks it sparks.” But a rep tells that the story is “ridiculous.”

Still, the Star insider goes on to say that Gaga has a “crazy room” in her house where she gets high, “writes all over the walls” in charcoal and then gets everything repainted. The insider adds, “The idea for her meat costume was the result of a coke-fueled binge that she went on.”

Gaga has confessed to doing cocaine more heavily when she was younger and has said she still uses it on occasion. Gaga’s “Born This Way” single is out this month. The full-length album comes out on May 23rd