10 Things To Do While Your Man Watches The Super Bowl


Of course, almost every man in America will be glued to the TV this Sunday for the Super Bowl — and your man is no exception. If you love football — good for you! Enjoy the game with your man. If not, here are a few suggestions from Yahoo Shine on what you can do while he watches the game.

PLAN A GIRL’S NIGHT OUT: Remember how much fun you had with your friends when you were single? Recreate it. But this time stretch that feminine cliché to the max: We’re talking shopping, Cosmopolitans and Sex and the City marathons while giving each other mani/pedis. Go ahead and throw in facials, too.

DO SOMETHING UBER -INTELLECTUAL: Rea the entire Sunday New York Times, crossword and all. Or scour the internet and find out about a lecture on a subject you know little about. Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to learn all about the Theory of Light and Matter.

COOK: If you like to cook take advantage – the kitchen will probably be empty anyway. If he’s throwing a Super Bowl party, use this as an opportunity to finally learn how to make all the greasy stuff that he likes.

GO TO GYM: Take one of those classes that always make you wonder, “what in God’s name does ‘step hip-hop Blue Sneaker aerobics kick boxing’ really mean?”

CATCH UP ON PHONE CALLS: Call your mom, your sister, your best friend from college. It’s likely others will be in the same anti-football boat.

PLAY MATCHMAKER: Figure out which single friends he’s inviting and call up some of your non-attached gal pals who might like to meet a manly, football-loving dude. Why not?

ORGANIZE AND CLEAN: Yeah, this isn’t the most glamorous of options but when he stumbles home either elated or deflated (depending on who won), you can offer him some water from your freshly scrubbed fridge.

VOLUNTEER: If you have yet to get the ball rolling on your do-gooder aspirations, mark this day on your calendar as the one when you finally follow through. Do some research, set up that Sunday as your orientation day or work your first shift.

SPEND THE DAY REFLECTING: with everyone’s super micromanaged schedules how often do you really take a day just to muse in your journal, get lost in a new neighborhood or watch the clouds? Exactly.

WATCH A CHICK FLICK: Hop online and watch a movie that you know damn well he will not go see with you!



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