Kim Kardashian Reportedly Mad That Her Name Is Being Dragged Into Halle Berry Custody Drama


Reports say that Kim Kardashian — who reportedly dated Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry briefly last year, is upset that her name has been dragged into their custody drama. Sources reportedly told the Chicago Sun Times that Kim is “both amazed an extremely unhappy” that her name is getting dragged into the drama surrounding Halle and Gabriel’s 2-year-old daughter Nahla. Halle was reportedly furious when Gabriel and Kim were allegedly dating, and her young daughter was exposed to the brunette beauty.

Kim reportedly “only saw the little girl once or twice . . .She wouldn’t even recognize Nahla if she saw her somewhere without either Gabriel or Halle with her.”

The source also claimed Kim has gone out of her way to deny any link to Gabriel beyond a platonic friendship. A friend of Kim’s also claimed that she’s upset that Halle “has repeatedly snubbed her– both at red carpet and private social events in Hollywood.”



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