Scarface In Jail For Not Paying Child Support


Reports say that rap veteran Scarface has been in a Texas jail since October 13th for failure to pay child support. According to, Scarface is facing charges in four different child support cases. He is also facing additional federal charges that have not been publicly disclosed. According to, Scarface allegedly couldn’t make his bail — which was $50,000 and he is still locked up.

Before the incarceration, Scarface had been working on his twelfth album, The Habit.

Do you agree or disagree?

Toad on writes: “Man that’s too bad. He one of the top 5 dead or alive.”

Veesky on writes: “Dag Facemob. Didn’t know he had that many kids, hope he can pull it together for ’em.”

Shawn on writes: “Damn Homey. Hope you cam work that out.. That child support must be a motherf*cker.

Word on writes:”*sigh* Another rapper gets locked up. In other news, water is wet, grass is green sometimes brown, and and air is invisible.”


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