Method Man Doesn’t Like Black Women With Natural Hair Or Dreadlocks!!


Last week a video surfaced online of Method Man stating that he didn’t like natural hair or dreadlocks on a woman. He called into a radio station to lash out at new media. He said, “This happened recently in Connecticut on the Wu Tang tour. It was a regular conversation and I wasn’t the only person that was talking and we were in there joking. This is what the new media is? I rather do my album way underground where nobody can interview me or say anything. I didn’t want to upset none of my sisters. You’re beautiful no matter which way you are, I just have my preference.” The rapper/actor continued, ” . . . if this is the new media I rather not even be a part of it. I was being sarcastic; I’m a clown, I like to joke around and stuff like that. Girl, if you want to come outside with your hair in a afro, so be it, do what you do. If you want to rock dreads, so be it, do what you do. If you want to take it back to Africa or take it back to where ever the hell you what to take it to, you do that!” Method Man also revealed that he doesn’t go on the internet at all. He said, “For the simple fact of stuff like this. I don’t go online because I get a bad rap, it’s because EVERYBODY gets a bad rap. All I can say it this “Bossip get off my d**k!!” “Mediatakeout get off my d**k!!” Because for real, who cares that Method Man said, ‘I don’t like nappy ass hair.'”


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