Nas Uses Music For Therapy


Nas has revealed that music “only real way” he can “get things off” his chest, as such a “private” person. The rapper revealed that he has no interest in living a celebrity lifestyle and likes to keep to himself, so he can fully concentrate all his energy into making music. According to UK site, Nas said, “Music is what people know me for . . . I’m kind of private I think. So music is the only real way I get things off my chest.”

He continued, “I’m not really going to make enough of an effort to be there at the right places all the time. You know, to be the biggest celebrity. But I do care for making music and I do love making music, you know? That’s the difference.”

Nas also spoke about keeping his sound and attitude fresh. He said, “Unlike any other art form, hip-hop artists tend to stay fresh and move on. But with hip-hop artists the whole thing is competitiveness and staying fresh. So that competitiveness makes an artist want to continue to prove that he’s number one. So if you’re one who gets caught up in what people are saying, time will pass you by and before you know it, you’ll be forgotten.”

He continued, “You’ve got to keep growing because it makes no sense to get caught up thinking about something that, in five years from now, only a select few people will remember anyway.” Nas is currently on tour in Australia.