Snoop Dogg Explains How Suge Knight Used To Rip Off Hungry Producers


Although Snoop Dogg is known for his work with Dr. Dre and later on in his career, The Neptunes, he has revealed that he always give up-and-coming producers a shot. In an interview with Taj Mahal, Snoop said, “I always give niggas a chance . . . n*ggas that ain’t got no name. I love giving them a chance by rapping on they beats. I’m just saying when I do that, don’t rob me, rob the next n*gga. ‘Cause I’m the n*gga you tell people, ‘Yeah, Snoop gave me $20,000 for the beat.’ Nah I ain’t gave you sh*t, but you tell a n*gga I gave you $20,000, that’s how you leverage the game.”

Snoop then told the story on how he gave Long Beach producer Soopafly his start. He said, “This n*gga Slip Capone and CPO [The Boss Hogg], Soopafly did a beat for them and they didn’t like the beat – ended up being the song on the Murder Was The Case soundtrack . . . I took the beat, gave him [$5,000], he had never made a beat for nobody, and I gave him his publishing. And I gave him his credit, I could have said produced by Snoop Dogg.”

He continued, “I was on Death Row back then, that’s what Suge Knight told me to tell him. He said, ‘Tell that n*gga you produced the beat, give him $500 and tell him to kick rocks.’ I said, ‘Nah, I like the lil n*gga I think he might be good with our crew and look where he at.”