Kim, Go Sit Down Somewhere: Kim Kardashian’s WACK debut single “Jam (Turn It Up)”


SMH… That’s it y’all TeamIAA is dropping an album!!! We got bills to pay too!



Big Surprise: The Twitterverse HATES Kim Kardashian’s New Single

What did the Twitterverse think of the song?

  • ShaymWhite: I luv @KimKardashian big fan:-D but this song is not for her she needs to give more feeling when she sings it just sounds blah srry to say
  • Julianna_Berry: @KimKardashian “Turn it up, turn it up.” haha gonna have that song stuck in my head all day! very catchy tune.
  • BethanyRose06: #jam kinda sucks. sorry @kimkardashian. you’re really pretty though.
  • _BrittanysWorld :@KimKardashian new song ain’t half bad!!!! She sound like she can halfway sing. Lol. It’ll work for its purpose.
  • jennifer_glass: @RyanSeacrest @KimKardashian sad. There are real singers who work their butts off their whole life to get on the radio. terrible song
  • Latifah_squirts: I stabbed my eardrums with pencils after listening to @KimKardashian song. WTF
  • 3rad: @KimKardashian, your single sounds like a reject left over from @ParisHilton’s music days. Try again (or don’t).
  • @RonaldRanier: @kimkardashian “Jam” may be the worst song I’ve ever heard in my life. you’re still hott tho