Lil Wayne: ‘None of these other females can touch Nicki Minaj’


According to, Lil Wayne revealed that he knew Nicki Minaj was a superstar from the first time he met with her. Speaking with MTV news, Lil Wayne said he saw huge potential in Nicki when they had their initial meeting together. Wayne quotes, “I can’t front, I just thought she was going to be the new female MC that none of these other females can touch. But now, she’s blossomed into a megastar with this new attitude and this style,” Wayne has admitted that Nicki has adapted to stardom to such a great deal that he just lets her do her thing in the studio. He goes on to say, “Now when I talk to her, I just tell her, ‘Do what you do, baby’. I used to be able to go into the studio and say ‘ Nah, don’t say that, don’t say that’. You know ‘That was better’. Now, ‘Do what you do, baby. I don’t have a clue about what you’re doing right now, but it’s working, do it.”

It has been announced this week that Nicki Minaj has broken another record with her debut album Pink Friday, for most consecutive weeks in the top 10 by a female rap artist on the Billboard’s 200