Mashonda Writes An Open Letter About Swizz Beats And Alicia Keys


Singer and VH1’s Love & Hip Hop star Mashonda has written an open letter on how her family life has changed since the taping of the show. The reality show, is due to premiere on VH1 on March 14th. In a letter to, Mashonda wrote, “As I reflect on my life, I realize how truly blessed I am. Not only am I the proud mother of my 4-year son Kasseem, I also now have a beautiful blended family to share in his love, development and overall health as a young man. As a mother, Kasseem’s happiness is the single most important thing in my life. It took some time, but I now realize that even my former husband and his new wife, are my partners in this wonderful journey.”

Mashonda continued, “When the television show debuts in less than two weeks, you will witness a time in our lives when emotions were extremely high. It is based on where we were emotionally at that time. Since then, we have grown and matured for the sake of our children, but more importantly, because it is the right thing to do. In life, you never know how you will react to certain challenges. A person’s true character however, we’ve all learned, is not based on what happens to us in life, but how we respond.”

  • She added, “Swizz is an amazing father. When I look into Kasseem’s eyes, I see the joy in his heart by having such a wonderful, blended family that loves him so much. As this blended family of ours continues to grow, I look forward to the months and years ahead raising our children together as one. The future is bright and all of our experiences as a family have gotten us to this wonderful point in our lives.
  • She then added a quote by Maya Angelou — “I sustain myself with the love of family.”


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