Reports say that Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada may be leaving the show. According to, Sources close to the reality star told the site that Evelyn feels that the producers violated her trust by allegedly divulging sensitive information about an illicit relationship she had in the past.

Evelyn believes producers leaked the info to a female cast member in an effort to start a physical fight between the two women. The site reported that Evelyn felt completely betrayed and emailed the producers last night, saying that she wants to leave the show.

  • As previously reported, Evelyn and cast member Tami Roman had a fight on the season finale of Basketball Wives because Evelyn revealed to Tami that she slept with Tami’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson years ago.



Basketball Wives co-star Royce Reed has given her two cents on the fight that happened between co-stars Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada. If you missed it, Tami and Evelyn got into a fight after Evelyn revealed that she slept with Tami’s husband Kenny Anderson years ago. In a radio interview, Royce said that she doesn’t blame Tami for the fight. She also wanted to clarify that she had no idea about Evelyn’s secret about her and Kenny — after Tami took to Twitter to and wrote, “Everbody knew but me.”

On her friendships with the other wives, Royce said that “they” aren’t her friends. However, she is friends with Tami, Suzie and Ashley. She even revealed that she has ended her drama with Gloria. On her relationship with Shaunie, Royce said that Shaunie has the mentality that her friends don’t like you, the she can’t either and Royce thinks that is very “high school.”

  • Royce also revealed that she didn’t want to film intimate moments of her relationship with Dewayne on the show, but she was told by production that she had to have a certain amount of footage. She planned to be unsexy and wear an unflattering outfit in hopes that it wouldn’t make the show but unfortunately, it did.
  • Royce also confirmed that she will be coming back to the third season of the show.


Reports say that Miami Heat star Chris Bosh has shut down his ex-girlfriend’s plans to be a cast member of VH1’s Basketball Wives. According to, sources close to the show said that Chris was heated when he heard that producers of the show were in talks with his ex Allison Mathis to replace Royce Reed — and as the site puts it, Chris put the “ka-Bosh” on the whole operation.

Sources said that Chris was determined to prevent Allison from talking about him and their daughter on TV and Basketball Wives producers decided that Allison wasn’t worth the headache.

  • The sources added that with Allison out, Royce will probably stay on, but producers are still holding out for a last minute replacement.

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