Is Amber Rose Telling People That Kanye Beat Her?!?!

1506 has claimed to have gotten their hands on an email written by Kanye West — where he has claimed that his ex Amber Rose has been telling people that he beat her. According to the gossip site, the email is between Kanye and one of his female friends. In the email, the female friend wrote, ” . . .Make sure ur next woman is a keeper. And not just a look. Make sure she loves u for U & not what u can make her into.”

Kanye then replied. “babe u don’t think I know that and I appreciate your perspective and agree it’s really f*cked up and crazy rt??!!! She cheated on me the whole time and told people I beat her and all kind of wild sh** now she f***s everybody I know and sh*ts on me to them and be lying about sh**. I try my best to leave it in God’s hands.”

  • Kanye continued, “She had some of us fooled, just like people who are friends with her now, she’s got an amaaazing personality but eventually the real comes out . . . I saw it coming while I was with her so I sat her ass in that crib for six month just so I could finish my album.”


Reports say that Kanye West was turned away at several runway shows during Paris Fashion week after turning up uninvited. According to The New York Post, Kanye attended Valentino, Givenchy and Vivienne Westwood shows this week, but he was not invited to Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Louis Vuitton and “defiantly faced off with organizers several times,” with most of them being unsuccessful, for access.

  • Last Thursday, Ye tried to get into the Balmain runway show at Le Grand Hotel but was denied entry with his entourage. A source said he then snuck off to “a separate part of the hotel, so people didn’t see him” after he was rejected.


Do you think Amber is telling people just to stay relevant?


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