Felicia “Snoop” Pearson Says She’s Innocent


The Wire actress Felicia “Snoop” Pearson is reportedly shocked to be facing charges of conspiring to sell heroin. According to The Huffington Post, Snoop’s attorney Paul Gardner said in a statement that Snoop denies the charges.

He said, “She’s a little bit dismayed at being in position that she didn’t place herself in.” Snoop is being held in jail without bail and Gardner plans to file a writ of habeas corpus and motion for bail review today (March 14th).

According to People.com, another rep for Snoop said she was singled out the drug raid because she played a drug dealer on the wire. The rep said in a statement, “Felicia grew up where high crime rates, drug use and violence are the norm. Felicia has overcome numerous hardships in her lifetime. She does not expect these hardships to be used as an excuse for illegal activities. Felicia has made strong statements against drugs and violence of any kind . . . [and has] been recognized for her efforts in encouraging youth and formerly incarcerated women to make positive changes for themselves.”

  • Snoop’s rep added that she hopes to return back to filming in Philly, where she is working on three films. Her rep said, “She wants her friends and fans to know that she is keeping her head up, shoulders back and that she is prepared to fight these new charges against her.”
  • David Simon, the creator of The Wire blogged on Slate.com about the situation. He wrote,” . . . this young lady has, from her earliest moments, had one of the hardest lives imaginable. She worked hard as an actor and was entirely professional, but the entertainment industry as a whole does not offer a great many roles for those who can portray people from the other America. There are, in fact, relatively few stories told about the other America.”
  • Simon added that “the opportunities and experiences of her life do not correspond in any way with my own, and her America is different from my own. I am therefore ill-equipped to be her judge in this matter.”


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