Was MJ’s Surveillance Video Erased???


Reports say that the surveillance video of Michael Jackson‘s home the day he died has been erased — allegedly because the LAPD never knew MJ’s death would turn into a criminal case. According to TMZ.com, the LAPD only copied four minutes of footage from the surveillance videos trained on Michael’s house the day he died. The video shows Michael coming home from rehearsal at around 12:30 am.

Dr. Conrad Murray‘s lawyers reportedly asked a judge yesterday (March 16th) to order authorities to turn over the nearly 24 hours of surveillance video surrounding MJ’s death.

According to the site, the tape re-circulates every 24 hours and when the LAPD pulled the video shortly after MJ’s death, the case was not a homicide investigation so all cops wanted to do was establish a time line — so the only relevance of the video was showing when MJ entered the home.

The site reported that cops never looked at the rest of the surveillance video. The video would have shown who entered the house and when, on the day MJ died.

Also during the pre-trail hearing, Murray’s defense team requested that they be given access to fingerprints taken from a broken syringe. The defense is operating under the theory that MJ injected himself with the fatal dose of propofol that killed him, — contending that he did this when Dr. Murray wasn’t in the bedroom.


In related news, according to RadarOnline.com, jury selection for the involuntary manslaughter trial for Dr. Conrad Murray will begin on March 24th. The trial will likely begin around the time of the second anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s death.

Dr. Conrad Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and if he is convicted could face up to four years in state prison.


Jermaine Jackson is set to detail the life of his famous family, including late brother Michael Jackson in an upcoming memoir. According to Reuters, the book is entitled You Are Not Alone: Through A Brother’s Eyes and is set for a fall 2011 release. The book will reportedly take a look at the complex life of Michael and the Jackson family growing up in Gary Indiana. The book will also reportedly examine the complex relationships between mom Katherine Jackson and father Joe.

In a statement, Jermaine said, “We want the world to remember his truth, his legacy, and some wonderful memories we shared as brothers, as a family. We don’t want Michael’s life to be an eternal mystery. This book’s blood is thicker than water.”

He added that the upcoming book “is about what really happened and who he really was, representing the things he never got the chance to say, based on what we know, based on what we shared.”


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