Rihanna: I’m Done Talking About Chris Brown


Rihanna is so over talking about ex Chris Brown. In an interview with UK’s Fabulous Magazine, when the subject of Chris Brown was brought up, Rihanna said to the reporter, “Excuse me?” When asked again, she snapped, “Next. You obviously want to talk about Chris Brown, I don’t.” She then talked about moving on from the Chris Brown incident. She said, “I wanted people to move on from it, [because] the last big thing they know about me is that night. And I don’t want that to be what people define me as.”

During the interview, Rihanna also talked about her competition in the music industry. She said, “I never focus on who or what is at the top, because when people become better at what they do individually, it’s noticed. And that’s all I want to be: an artist who was known for growing constantly and becoming bigger and better.”

  • She continued, “It’s not about who’s better between Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I’m more in competition with myself. I always challenge myself to do better next time.”
  • When asked what she thinks of being a sex symbol, she said, “Every time I hear that it’s definitely flattering, but also uncomfortable. That’s not a priority on my list – being a sex symbol or being overly sexy. I’m just a normal woman. I don’t really focus on being a sex symbol.”


Although Rihanna is very disappointed in her dad because of his antics with the media, she does focus on the good memories she had with him. Ri Ri told Fabolous Magazine that the negative memories hold a “small space” in her mind. She said, “I usually just think about the great things, like the beach [in Barbados where she grew up], learning how to swim and write, and catching fish. And most of those things I did with my father. So I seem to just focus on that.”

Rihanna said that her mom was her biggest inspiration growing up. She said, “She raised me in a way that I could be responsible and fearless – she taught me a lot of things about life. She’s made me realize that it comes with consequences.”

  • Rihanna then revealed what she plans to do before 30. She said, “I want to venture off as an entrepreneur and have my own fashion and make-up lines – just experiment with the things that I love.”


Rihanna has denied that she has beef with BFF Katy Perry after reportedly branding Katy’s music “generic.” Rihanna has insisted that the comments were actually aimed towards “songwriters and producers.” Last year she reportedly said about her Loud album, “I didn’t want the generic pop record that Ke$ha or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry would do. Every song is tailored to me.” Speculation of beef between the two were further fueled when Ri Ri missed Katy’s wedding to Russell Brand due to work commitments last October.

Rihanna said that her comments were not properly explained. She told Fabulous Magazine, “I didn’t say that. Did you see the interview? That’s not what I said. OK, if anything it was a diss to songwriters and producers who can’t make anything other than formula records.”

  • She continued, “They’ll make a song and give it to Rihanna. If she doesn’t take it, they’ll take it to Katy, and if Katy doesn’t take it they’ll give it to Gaga. That’s not what we want. We like songs that scream our individuality. We like records that speak for who we are as artists and that are tailored to us.”


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