SMH: Lady Gaga Will Sleep In Egg At Home


Lady Gaga is planning on installing her giant Grammy stage egg as a bed in her New York condo. Gaga felt so at peace in the stage egg that she wants to be able to sleep in it at night. An insider told the Daily Mirror that the house project is Gaga’s new baby.

The insider said, “The egg vessel is being made especially for her. She’ll be able to sleep in it, in place of a double bed. She felt so at home in the egg on stage – she spent hours in it meditating and says when she’s in it she feels at peace.”

Supposedly, she is totally revamping her condo to become a shrine to her stage self. Gaga submitted plans for alien scluptures as well as artifacts that include masks and bones.

Gaga has already hired a team of architects, while her friend Rick Genest and style guru Nicola Formichetti will offer decorating advice.


Gaga’s creative director, Laurieann Gibson, has big expectations for Born This Way. He told MTV News what he thought of the album.

He said, “This new album is spectacular. And I got to tell you, you got to really stand by and take notice, ’cause the album is excellent. It’s of such excellence that I think that everyone’s going to be really impressed and affected.”



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