La La Shoots Down ‘Love Child’ Rumors


La La has denied rumors that her husband NY Knicks star Carmelo Anthony has a love child with an NYC woman. As previously reported, last week reported that the love child is the real reason why Melo decided to go to the Knicks. The site also reported that when Lala found out about the alleged child, she gave Melo an ultimatum: marry me or else.

In an NYC radio interview, LaLa said, “That story is laughable . . . let me just tell you one thing. If I knew about a baby . . . first of all, what kind of woman would it make me to say ‘hide your kid?’ That’s just unbelievable. I would never do that. And I don’t know if I’d still be here right now if there was a secret baby. It would be a whole different story . . .”

Lala also commented on what would happened if she ever did catch Carmelo cheating. She said, “If he’s doing it discreetly, do a good job, ’cause when I find out, all hell is gonna break loose.”