Nicki Minaj Planning “Pink Friday” Follow Up


Nicki Minaj is reportedly already planning a follow up to her successful Pink Friday album. According to MTV News, Nicki said she took time out to record to prep for the I Am Still Music Tour. She said, “I slowed down because I been rehearsing. I couldn’t do a lot of stuff. There’s things that are pending that I have to turn in.” Nicki revealed that before the tour began last week, she had a few projects to turn in.

She said, “I had to hand in a Carter IV verse. I handed in a verse to Birdman, and I handed in a verse to a very special lady that I think is gonna rock people’s world.” She added, “I love keeping secrets. That [last] one is gonna rock some boats.”

  • Nicki would not reveal a release date for her Pink Friday follow up. She said, “I can give you an idea. But I don’t want to. I’d rather not right now. Because then everybody is gonna jump on the bandwagon and say they’re putting out their album the same day.”
  • In other news, according to Vibe, Simon Cowell has confirmed that Nicki Minaj was in talks to become a judge for his upcoming reality show, The X Factor.
  • Simon said in an interview, ” . . . We’ve spoken to [Nicki] but we’ve met so many people that’s it’s just a long, exhausting process that we have to deal with. It’ll be announced in the next week. We were actually introduced a few weeks ago.”

Nicki Minaj Declines X-Factor Judging Gig

Looks like “Roman Revenge” rapper Nicki Minaj will not be appearing on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor after all. Sources connected with Minaj tell TMZ that she will be passing on the gig saying “There’s nothing going on with [“X-factor”]