Details On DJ Megatron Shooting


New details have emerged in the shooting death of former radio personality and BET DJ Megatron. According to The New York Post, Megatron was reportedly approached by three men before the shooting. Reports also say that he was on the phone with a friend at 2 am when he was gunned down.

Sources told police that three men accosted Megatron, real name Corey McGriff, and were seen fleeing the scene. Cops added that a robbery was unlikely because Mega only had $1 in his wallet and his phone was not taken.

According to, police said that Mega was talking on his cell phone as he allegedly drove to buy a cigar and a small amount of marijuana. Law enforcement is investigating Megatron’s homicide as a possible random crime, a planned hit, or a drug deal gone wrong.

Other reports say that the authorities are now saying the shooting could have been a result of an unpaid debt. The newspaper reported that a user name “Megapayup” left threats on Megatron’s YouTube page regarding an alleged debt.

Mega leaves behind an 11-year-old daughter Zaharia, a 4-year-old son Zion and a 9-month-old son Isaiah. Megatron’s mom, Louvenia McGriff said about the children, “They’re trying to cope with the situation, especially the 11-year-old. She’s very hurt and upset and doesn’t understand why anyone would want to do that to her dad.”

Friends remember Corey as a positive person. 106 & Park producer Stephanie Hodges told,”Mega was the kind of person you would never catch in a bad mood. His spirit was infectious. For a show like 106, where the energy of our audience is crucial, he was a very important part of our team. We will miss him as our co-worker and as our friend.”


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