As of 9pm EST on Wednesday (July 6th), rap star Gucci Mane was still in prison — despite reports that he was released on Tuesday night (July 5th.) Several reports said that the rap star was released on Tuesday night and went straight to an Atlanta strip club to celebrate. According to MTV News, Gucci’s lawyer Ashutoshi Joshi said that he was expected to be released on Tuesday, but “procedural holdups” prevented that from happening.

A rep from Fulton County jail said that Gucci — real name Radric Davis, was still in custody and said “Mr. Davis will be with us for a while” citing a hold by the Georgia Department of Corrections that orders Gucci to be sent to a state prison upon his release from Fulton.

  • A representative from Georgia Department of Corrections also confirmed for RapFix that there is an order to send Gucci Mane to Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia after he is released from Fulton County Jail.
  • Gucci has been locked up for the past three months for probation violation. He has been accused of throwing a woman out of a moving vehicle.