Get to know UNIQUE-Philly’s Uprising Star


Being a female mc is not an easy task, but Unique has the talent and work ethic needed to leave her mark in the hip hop world. Making it a point to keep the majority of her rhymes clean, Unique wants to be a positive role model and show women how to demand respect in this male dominated music industry. Not just another scantily clad female rapper with watered-down lyrics, Unique stands out with her strong deliver, raw lyrical content, and sheer confidence.

IAA:What is your music background?

UNIQUE: Growing up I would perform for family and  friends. I guess being the youngest and the only girl at the time, everyone thought it was cute. I didn’t mind because I had a lot of rhythm. Everyone always wanted me to dance, when I was younger. Also, I was in school choirs from elementary to middle school age.


IAA:Why do you want to record and release your own music?

UNIQUE: I want to release my own music because people want to hear it. Ever since day one people wanted to hear more and more. I first did it as a love  and to better get what I was feeling off my chest, but then it became everyone’s voice. I have had people tell me that my words speak to them. So I do it for my fans cause it’s not just my story it’s everyone’s.


IAA:Who is your fan base directed towards?

UNIQUE:My fan base is directed towards everybody. I try to gear my music for everyone.

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IAA: Who are your musical influences ?

UNIQUE: From day one I was influenced by Busta Rhymes. His whole style made me  go “like wow,” he goes hard. I want to direct that same energy into my own style.   Also, Steve Wonder’s words make me think. I would like not only to have the energy, but I want my words to hit you with knowledge at the same time.


IAA: How would you describe your music to people?

UNIQUE: I would describe it simply as it’s 100% me. I write all my own material.   I can only go by what other people tell me. They just say “Yo you nice and   ya word play is crazy”. I was asked many times what do you want to be known  as, a hip hop rapper, lyrical, make party songs ect… I just tell them I can’t be boxed into one subject . I write it all, that’s why my name is UNIQUE, I even sing on some of my songs.


IAA: What makes you stand out from other artist

UNIQUE: What makes me stand out is I don’t go along with the crowd. If everybody goes left I go right just because everybody else is going in the same   direction. I try to think outside of the box just because I don’t like being like everybody else. I’m always trying to think ten steps ahead of   everybody else. I’m also not scared of trying new things, for example I just recorded a dance/hip hop song to a rock beat. Thinking outside the box.


IAA: What are your music career goals?

UNIQUE: I want to not only record music but write also. I write not only hip hop but R&B as well. I’m an artist and I love to perform, but writing is also a strong passion of mine.


IAA: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

UNIQUE: My fans can visit Facebook Name: Unique Skillz  and email:






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