According to, a man has claimed that Shaquille O’ Neal allegedly “requested and directed” him to kill several people, including — a gang member, a record producer and a woman he impregnated. The man — named Robert Ross, who is an ex gang member, is suing Shaq for allegedly masterminding a plot to have him kidnapped by other gang members back in 2008. In the docs, filed last week in LA County Superior court, Ross has claimed O’Neal organized and funded a series of murders and brutal attacks on people who did him wrong.

In the suit, Ross alleged, “For many years O’Neal requested and directed [Ross] to perform many personal favors and directed him to perform various tasks including, but not limited to: ordering [Ross] to kill a member of the Downtown Gangster Crips who had disrespected O’Neal in front of his wife Shaunie.”

  • O’Neal is also accused of issuing “an order to kill a woman whom O’Neal had impregnated and paid for her abortion” and “an order to kill a renown record producer.” Ross also alleged that O’Neal issued “an order to break an NBA player’s shooting arm.”
  • Ross — who never said whether the alleged hits were carried out — is suing for unspecified damages.

Shaq’s Lawyer Responds

  • Shaq’s lawyer, Michael J. Kump told the site, “The outlandish claims by Robert Ross in his civil complaint are pure fiction. Shaquille O’Neal befriended Mr. Ross in an attempt to help turn his life around. Sadly, Mr. Ross abused that friendship again and again.
  • Kump added, “Shaquille’s commitment to law enforcement is well-known and documented. He will not dignify these defamanatory allegations with a response.”
  • In other news, Shaq has recently inked a multi-year deal as a sportscaster on TNT’s Inside the NBA.