Understand what you’re signing up for. No matter how you look at it, FWB does not translate to boyfriend. If your guy makes it clear from the get-go that he’s not looking for anything serious, don’t ignore what he’s saying and hope he’ll have a change of heart. This is a recipe for disaster.

Set ground rules. Like any other relationship, there needs to be a level of mutual respect. What happens if you see each other outside of the confines of your bedrooms? Is there no texting during the day in order to keep things separate? Make sure to discuss your qualms and get those issues out of the way.

Leave expectations at the door. This dude is not your boyfriend, and you can’t expect him to act like your boyfriend. With that said, a relationship with a FWB may challenge you to be more straightforward. Without the worries of a future and the comfort of a close friend, you can leave your sexual inhibitions at the door. Get ready to get vocal!

Be prepared that there may be others. There is the definite possibility that there may be other girls in your boat. With no strings attached, you are free to see whomever you wish and the same goes for him. This sounds fine in theory, but what do you do if you see him out with another girl? Or what if he sees you out with another guy? It’s a good idea to discuss these circumstances when you lay out the ground rules.

Realize that there’s no turning back. Your relationship will be forever changed. If he is a very close friend, or you run in the same social circles, you have to be prepared for the potential fallout. No matter how you try to rationalize this, sex changes things. Period.