Kelly Rowland has responded to Jeff Bhasker‘s opinion on her hit song “Motivation.” The producer — who has made hits for Beyonce, Alicia Keys and more recently wrote via Twitter, “How can this KR song with the weakest beat and melody of all time be the #1 song on urban!? Oh yeah. [Lil] Wayne.[…]I just listened to ‘Motivation’ again to see if I was to harsh in my critique. I wasn’t. The lyrics are horrid as well.”

Kelly shook off the criticism. According to BET, she said, “You know what, the record speaks for itself. Opinions are like **sholes, everybody’s got one. He’s made wonderful music with my sister and other artists.”

  • She added, “There’s no reason for me to say anything negative. Cause I won’t tell you the thought that is really in my head. I’ll just kill ’em with kindness.”
  • She also spoke on the success of “Motivation” being a number one song. She said, “It feels wonderful. Especially for it to be on the charts so long. I think ‘Motivation’ opened up a different chapter for me. It really did.[…]”
  • She continued, “[The album] is along the same lines when it comes to an urban sound. When I listen to everything back to back, when I was sequencing it, that’s when it felt really good in my spirit.”
  • Kelly’s new album, Here I Am hits stores tomorrow (July 26th)


  1. Don’t sweat it Kelly that just means he had a double shot of Hater-Aid.I like the song and that’s saying alot because i’m one of those people who acually do listen to the words of songs… And for the record I think alot of Beyonce’s song lyrics are weak and wack. They just play then so much that they end up growing on you.