The Game released a freestyle entitled “Uncle Otis” this past weekend — which seemed to be a diss song directed at Jay-Z and other artists. The Game has claimed that the song is all in fun and not a diss song. On the song, he rapped, “Here is a dome shot to this n – a named Otis/ Niggas think they the coldest but n – a you just the oldest/N – az be chasin they youth but its gone/Yo, ‘Ye this n – a ain’t even wanna put you on and you turn around and put on [Big] Sean/ But forgot tell him Benihana don’t sell no f – king wontons…”

He also threw shots at Kreayshawn, Tyler The Creator and Marc Anthony. He rapped, “And I dont wear no Fendi Fendi Gucci Gucci Prada/ I’m Charles Louboutin/U n – as ain’t saying nada/ Little white bitch betta stay in ya place /you call me a n – a, I’ma stick the [AK] in ya face…”

  • On Tyler the Creator, he spit “I created Tyler the Creator/ Here go courtside seats / You’re now tuned into the greatest.”
  • On Marc Anthony, he spit, “Jennifer Lopez just got a divorce and I already got her in the Porsche/trying to teach her “how to love, how to love”/ Marc Anthony too short look at that n – a look and I’m “6 Foot 7 Foot 8 Foot”…”
  • Game told, “The same thing that happens every time I drop a diss record is what’s happening with ‘Uncle Otis’, which is nothing but love. You’ve got those people who are totally biased towards loving Jay-Z, and I don’t have no problem with that, cause that’s cool. I expected that. The real is that the track is f*ckin’ dope and the sh*t is funny.”
  • Although Game has claimed that the track isn’t a diss song, he said he would like for Jay-Z to respond. He said, “With Jay, I’ve been tryin’ to coax him into sayin’ somethin’ or doin’ somethin. ‘But he’s smart, and I don’t think he’ll jump out the window like that. Plus, I’m prepared for it. With his age and where he’s at with his career, he might be too reserved to entertain [a challenge], and I respect that.”
  • Game it set to release a new mixtape in the upcoming weeks.