Victor discovered an interest for dance at the age of 13. He began his dance ministry with the Faithful Dance Company in his hometown Los Angeles, which leads him to success. Victor graduated in May 2009 from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a major in Modern Dance (BFA). He has also trained at Debbie Allen Dance Academy and Philadanco, and performed with Eleone Dance Theatre and Rebecca Davis Dance Company in Philadelphia. He has also traveled across the world to teach dance. Victor has had the pleasure with working with artist such as “Keke Palmer,” “Jazmine Sullivan” and choreographer Anthony Burrell. In the future Victor plans to pursue a career with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Victor prides himself on being a well-rounded artist with a successful career in modeling, choreography and acting.  Victor has a wonderful reputation. He is truly an artist that enjoys working hard, encouraging and inspiring others, accepting others, spiritually driven and purely staying true to himself while being a one of a kind.

IAA: What does your background consist of?

 VICTOR: I come from a very spiritual and religious family. I was raised by both of my biological parents, which kept me grounded and focused on life. I was very fortunate and blessed to have a family that supported me and made sure that I stayed in church and kept God first.

IAA: How did you decide to become a dancer? Was it something you always wanted to do or is it something that happened suddenly?

 VICTOR: As a child growing up I’ve always had an interest in the performing arts. I thought of several things that I wanted to become and I was so indecisive because I was capable and had potential to do more crafts than just one. I loved drawing. As life went on I decided that drawing was not enough for me, I needed something more to do and I discovered that I could sing and dance. When I was a teenager I was inspired by the dance company at my church because they often performed plays that incorporated different styles of dance that amazed me. During that time period in my life I knew that I wanted to dance. I was truly overwhelmed by what I saw and I decided that I would join “Faithful Dance Company” (FDC) at my church. I was unaware that I could pursue a career in dance; I thought it would be another hobby for me.

IAA: What influences you?

VICTOR: God, my religion and life.

 IAA: Why do you love to dance?

 VICTOR: Why I love to dance is something that I can’t describe. God placed me on earth for reason and that is to do his will through dance ministry while healing and touching the lives of others. Dance lives through me; it’s something that will never die.

IAA:What kind of emotions do you feel/ give off when you dance?

 VICTOR: Dancing makes me feel so good; it’s like taking medicine to heal your soul, mind and spirit.  Dance is so powerful that it can change an atmosphere and your emotions through dance can be so translative or convey powerful messages. I feel as though I send positive energy through dance and a pure passionate love for it.

 IAA: Do you prefer a certain style of dance?

VICTOR: No. I enjoy and appreciate all styles of dance because they all come from God.

IAA:What dancer (s) inspire you?

VICTOR: Alvin Ailey, Nicholas Brothers, Martha Graham, George Balanchine and many more.

IAA:What makes you stand out from other dancers?

 VICTOR: “I am a Christian before an Artist.”

 IAA: Name some highlights of your dance career?

 VICTOR: Traveling to Africa to teach Hip – Hop and Jazz Dance.

Performer/Dancer in Activision Commercial.I’ve choreographed for recording artist “Keke Palmer” and has worked with “Jazmine Sullivan” and performed in Jill Scott’s video. I’ve also choreographed and assisted choreography for several different fashion shows in Philadelphia.

IAA:  What are some of the goals you have as a dancer. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 VICTOR: Everyday is a mission for me. As a human and artist there is a goal to accomplish everyday.  My philosophy in striving for your goals are to work smart and diligently.  My goals as a dancer are to move to New York to pursue a career with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Then later I plan to pursue my career in music, modeling and entertainment industry.  My other goal is to become a worldwide known choreographer for music videos, movies and dance companies and etc. In the next ten years I see myself well established as a dancer, choreographer, model, actor and everything I’ve dreamed for and last but not least, my performing arts foundation in Africa.