Kelly  spoke on whether she’s spoken to her estranged father — who has recently attempted to contact her. She said, “Not yet. I’m very sensitive about the subject. I haven’t talked to him yet, I definitely plan on it and hopefully I meet him soon. It has been a long process of him trying to get back in contact with me. It’s very interesting now how it does happened at this time but I think everyone deserves forgiveness and it’s okay to move on.”

  • She continued, “I haven’t seen this man in TWENTY years so I’m definitely going to meet him. It’s going to be a very interesting moment. It’s so many people that deal with the same situation so I’m not tripping off of it.”
  • Kelly’s new album Here I Am is in stores now.

Kelly Rowland has denied that there will be a Destiny’s Child reunion — although Beyonce‘s father Mathew Knowlesrecently told reporters that the girls will be getting back together. In an NYC radio interview, Kelly said, “It hasn’t been anything we’ve talked about at all. [Mathew] can’t make that decision. That’s our decision, if we want to do that or not and it hasn’t been anything we’ve discussed.”

On constantly being compared to Beyonce, she said, “It’s old. I don’t trip off of it and I know it’s going to happen. It’s nothing else anybody can find and I don’t have anything else to talk about so it’s like ‘eh, do a comparison’. [On if they still talked] She hit me [after the BET Awards] and said ‘oh, woman you killed it.'”

  • On Mathew Knowles allegedly stealing money from Beyonce, she said, “People have said so many things over the years about just the whole DC camp so for me, when it comes to talking about that type of thing with Bey, I don’t discuss that type of thing period. Mathew sent me flowers for my birthday. It’s not a huge trip as people would like it to be.”