A fifth accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct settlement has reportedly been revealed as Centino Kemp. According to FOX 5in Atlanta, Kemp is a 22 year old musician and Atlanta resident who was not named in suit — but was reportedly a big factor in the suit.

As previously reported, Bishop Eddie Long recently reached a settlement with the four accusers in his sexual misconduct case — and sources speculate that Kemp helped the plaintiffs reach a settlement because the bishop “very” uncomfortable with Kemp’s presence anywhere near the case.

  • When Fox News approached Kemp — who wears makeup and his hair in a Rihanna-esque haircut, he wouldn’t say too much about Bishop Eddie Long, but he sported a tattoo that said, “Eddie Long. Never a Mistake, Always a Lesson.”
  • Fox News also reported that Kemp’s is recording music from the perspective of a scorned lover and does address his stance on the church.
  • One source said that Kemp — who is from the Bahamas, met the Bishop while he was a college student in Florida, and he joined in the settlement talks after he heard about the other young men’s lawsuit’s and though he never sued, he did become a part of the final settlement.
  • One lawyer familiar with the case told FOX that Kemp was “different from the other young men,” “one piece of the puzzle that never fit,” and he made the case “more difficult.”