Basketball Wives star Tami Roman has said that if Meeka Claxton— who she slapped the mess out of on the last episode of the show, returns for the next season, she will not come back. In a radio interview, Tami explained why she hit Meeka — saying that she wanted to discuss lies that Meeka told since being on the show and wanted to give her an opportunity to tell the truth.

Tami said, “As we’re having this discussion all I see, which I have asked her not to do, was her getting ready to get up…ya know with her hand. Don’t put your hand up because I don’t know what you’re going to do. I don’t know if you’re going to swing at me. So I basically, you know, I have a defense mechanism that has always been apart of who I am and when I saw that hand…I snapped cause I’m like I don’t know what you’re going to do and I had to defend myself so that’s what y’all saw . . . .”

  • Reports said earlier this week that Meeka sued Tami for assault. Tami said that she has not been served any papers and the lawsuit did come up during the reunion special — which the ladies taped already.
  • Tami added that she will not be returning to the show if Meeka will because she will not work with someone who is suing her. She said that VH1 will have to choose between she and Meeka based on who is more valuable.
  • Basketball Wives airs on Mondays on VH1


  1. Even though Meeka talks too much, it was true what she told Susie. Tami asked if she wanted to be with the real are the fake and phony. Regardless if Tami was beefing with Evenlyn, it was said. Tami is the truth on the show but I think she needs to give Meeka a second chance, since the first chance got ruin by Susie running her mouth. Tami always find a way to forgive Evenlyn why not Meeka?

  2. Meeka can go she adds nothing to the show Now Tami brings the heat. Why is meeka mad she had all the mouth all up in Tami world now that is got the butt kick she mad . Never like her dry butt so byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Meeka

  3. Meeka doesn’t really add anything to the show so her not coming back would not be a great lost. As for Tami I wouldn’t really miss her either. She is to old to be acting like this and it’s really not a good look for women let alone black women. It started with Jen and she has just continued down this road of irrational behavior. How is she really going to be mad at Meeka for something that every last one of them do?

  4. We all know that Meeka talks too much. From day one she was being messy. She begged to be a part of the show and she knew from watching that Tami didn’t play that mess. I believed she was egging Tami on. She kept saying little comments and talking about her. She was waaayy out of line and she should have stayed in her place. We all have a messy friend that has either had her butt whipped or you want to beat her down because of her mouth and messy ways. Of course, we as adults, should not act on our emotions but we all know Tami has a short fuse. She has been through alot and sometimes hard lives lead to not so perfect behavior. Tami was abused by her husband so she just might have a defense mechanism for peoples hand movements. It’s probably a defense she developed from all her years of physical, mental, and emotion abuse. She may need anger management, but the show wouldn’t be the same without her. #TEAMTAMI