Due to the love and compassion Jerome “Camp Jay” Carter has for music he is  determined to conquer the industry. Camp Jay has performed in different states along with artist such as D.M.X , Charlie Baltimore, Ja’Rule,  B.G Mystical, and Scar-Face. With talent and passion, combined with a strong fan base and good work ethic, Camp Jay is ready to take the music industry by storm.

IAA:  What is your music background?

CAMP JAY: My music background consists of hip hop, r&b, and rap.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

CAMP JAY:  I want to be able to give others a chance when other labels don’t  want to give them one. I want to be able to give artist opportunities through my company,  Camp Jay Entertainment.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

CAMP JAY:  My songs are based on real life events and experiences. I write about relationships, street life, and everyday struggles.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

CAMP JAY: The whole world. My music is for the young and old, all races and cultures.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

CAMP JAY:  Keith Sweat, Run D.M.C, Jadakiss, Nas, Tupac, The Gap Band and KRS1

IAA: How would you describe your music to people ?

Camp Jay:  My music enlightens and guides my listeners.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist ?

CAMP JAY: Most rappers are stuck on one level, but I try to take my music to the next level.  My music is versatile and I sing my own hooks. I right about all different topics that my fans can relate to. My purpose is to give the fans the type of music they want to hear.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on

CAMP JAY:  Right now I’m just finishing up Bring It On pt.2 . The fisrt single I will release from that album is Da Carter Boyz

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CAMP JAY: My goal is to be a great asset to whatever label that signs me. I will make sure I’m the the type of artist that the people will love. I also want to be in the position to give back to the people. I want to be an award winner artist that changes people live.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

CAMP JAY: Everywhere overseas as well as Youtube and don’t forget the first album is Bring It On pt.1 distributed through Sonicwave International/Sony in 2006.

I’m on arlive.com/campjay








Contact: 770-291-9719

Email. Campjay10thward@yahoo.com





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  1. i’ve listen to camp jay songs and i do like the article but i love his purpose and meanings of his songs so i wanna know when his cd is coming out i want posters and the magazine with him in it.the stress i was under eased up after listening to his second album so he deserves to be signed to a deal

  2. corey davis says:

    i gotta say that i’m feeling camp jay and both of his cd’s especially that song da carter boyz and the other song my people. big up to camp jay from me and all the realist on the east coast

  3. keisha jones says:

    wutz up camp jay i’ll rate you as a 10 in my book your songs real down to earth and straight forward

  4. Moose Man Jones says:

    wow havent heard nothin like this in awhile this is what the game been missin……REAL MUSIC

  5. yo dat camp jay iz da s***t, i love dat one knowbody knows, dats some real life stuff right der, dat sounds like wht me n man went through, but ur otha songs hittin too, n dats from me n all my peeps n da bk

  6. sarah hughes says:

    omg like wow i really like that camp jay, your music is like the bomb, i have never heard music like that before wow, omg

  7. lisa stokes says:

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  8. danielle patterson says:

    just wanted to say i love your second album and first but when is the second one being released?philly gurl dan.

  9. Jeremy johnson says:

    Yo dat camp jay iz off da chain son where can I cop dat at, I love wht his music stands for, it aint made up its real life like dat song u got called real life son, dats whts up N.O. I got u ya heard me

  10. Mrs $Sexy Red $ says:

    Im really feelin dat music I especially love dat one u made 4 ur girl, its like it told everything yall went through b4 yall came together dat der iz off da chain I like dat kind of stuff u deserve a record deal 4 real

  11. torie lewis says:

    Its about time another real artist come vrom new orleans keep doing you camp jay from da bx.

  12. keisha moseley says:

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  45. Buck says:

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  71. leighton henry says:

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  100. nikita carter says:

    wutz up cuz i’m proud of you and you got alot of support out here in longbeach

  101. patty moneymaker strolls says:

    how are you camp jay? just wanna say you’re a very talented young man only you can accomplish your dreams and i know you can because you’ve come a long way so congratulations

  102. corey sparrow says:

    whoa!! we need to do something 2gether it’s been a while since we did so hit me up

  103. destiny coleman says:

    if i had to vote on you for an award i would so just know i’m one of your biggest fan along with my girls

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    yes i would like to be in your video i’ll get a chance to meet you in person

  105. kevin davison says:

    what it do camp jay i was at calibash when you performed and took 1st place.it is what it is homie you deserve to be where you’re headed homie just put me on your team

  106. big al da don says:

    it’s about time for another realist from new orleans to be reconized

  107. le le da queen says:

    i remember you when you had your hair longer than it is and you were modeling clothes i’m so happy for you camp jay!

  108. sweet cheeks says:

    u r da 1 from N O, u use da b called critical, uir music was da shit bac den n still iz now, u were wit big body records, damn u should b signed by now ur music aint no punk n it should b all over da radio, and n stores, somebody sntch dis dude up ya heard me

  109. brandi flint says:

    that’s wutz up camp jay you deserve to be n da spotlight any day

  110. donna swinney says:

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  111. patricia lewis says:

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  112. keisha cook says:

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  113. aljanae thomas says:

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  114. angela murphy says:

    i downloaded your whole first cd bring it on pt.1 last year and now i have some of your second i’m loving those lyrics camp

  115. dee block says:

    camp jay the carter boy i heard you and lil wayne are cousins is he gonna feature on the remix?

  116. Dee Stokes says:

    yo you the nigga married to the light skin chick wit all them kids, but anyway your music is nice and i give it a ten

  117. troydell brooks says:

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  122. chris jefferson says:

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  123. shelly prettygurlzrock adams says:

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  126. mz.acoria watson says:

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  127. henry williams says:

    wow son i feel where u coming from i deals with you homie

  128. kenya white says:

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  129. keedy carter says:

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  130. kierra frances says:

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  131. lil dred says:

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  132. da queen netty boo says:

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  133. stephanie hankton says:

    that song wutcha city like is hitten hard representing our city and then you got da carter boyz wow!! what lil wayne and jay-z got to say about that? lol..

  134. tracy davidson says:

    should be in bed right now but not until i give you your props after viewing your web from the blog so you must be nice if i’m taking time to do this just keep your gurl in mind camp luv your work

  135. trent mic control davis says:

    how about u letting me get on da remix 2 dat song my people ? dat’s deep man n i got alot of inner feelings i wanna share along with u if possible

  136. tangy red dillion says:

    uptown in the building for sure and i know you gon put me in your video carter who?!! carter boyz ya heard me? lol…luv u cuz

  137. Ms. Tip says:

    and then sum give him wut he deserve.i’m listening to your album on your site right now camp jay and u alright with me!

  138. DEE BOI says:

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  139. chi town finest says:

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  140. hustle harder entertainment says:

    camp jay wutz gud big round? u know i had to come thru n show ya some luv round.

  141. sam goody says:

    my man!i told you that in do time your hard work would pay off for you in the long run my congrats go out to you lil homie

  142. china red says:

    i thought you gave u after your first album i didn’t here nothing from you it’s about time so make 2012 camp jay year all the way through i’m with ya.

  143. ruby carter says:

    nah dis da camp jay i know.straight up realist

  144. marlon coleman says:

    man i ain’t heard a artist from new orleans come like that in a while besides lil wayne and B.G

  145. tasha mackie says:

    hey camp jay i was at your last concert and it’s good to see you’re steady moving up love your songs!!

  146. kings entertainment says:

    wutz gud camp?so u went from big body records to doing ya own thang ha? dats wutz up when u coming home and do sumptin with us? u know u still our fam!

  147. dj dave new orleans finest says:

    ay camp jay i got you spinning down here man the club loving that whatcha city like and da carter boyz you said you were coming down right ?

  148. khalise devine says:

    lovely! lovely! lovely! is all i can say cause u da bomb n my head camp jay

  149. chasity da music queen says:

    i enjoyed reading your article so i had to visit the websites and i must say i’ll give you a chance in the industry any day.

  150. Miss.sweety pie says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang boy you got some talent

  151. paula ann white says:

    i’m from the old school but it’s something about your music that i like for some reason and i don’t listen to too many rappers so thumbs up to you camp jay your website is nice

  152. deedra nuthnbutluv sanders says:

    alright now not only is the music good but i see you like to dress too.

  153. najae collins says:

    i luv your songs and i really give props to your article

  154. ms. hot chocolate says:

    hello camp jay u dnt knw me but i’m a dancer n just want u to knw dat i dance to wutcha city like. oh and yes i’m a exotic dancer we love ya music hun!

  155. big dog diamond kei production says:

    i heard dat wutcha city like n carter boyz at da daquari shop dat s#$t go off !!!

  156. tory ms.goddest davis says:

    industryallaccess made the right choice with you camp so keep your word to your fans

  157. born 2 mac says:

    dat 1st album aiight but dat 2nd album gon b da world conquer n not just cause u from N.O.L.A i give credit where credit due big round

  158. Black Ice says:

    so dey finally puttn u where u need to be at dats wutz up!

  159. cherry bomb da artist says:

    hi camp jay i’m looking for some features for my album and i feel that you would be a perfect selection i like your stlye of words and flow it’s different

  160. lilone da real one says:

    don’t hold back on’em camp give to’em raw ya heard me?N.O bound

  161. courtney price says:

    new orleans n da building ha bra!!do ya thang big homie

  162. lacy says:

    Lovely I love da words n subjects day comes outta your mouth n mind man omg!!! I bought your first album n I can’t wait to get second one its deep camp

  163. dyshay says:

    hey camp jay just visited your web and i’m loving your second album and as for my thoughts you asked should your second album be titled carter boyz,wutcha city like or bring it on pt.2 well if you have pt.1 already then it’s probably cool if you go with a bring it on pt.2 then do a different title for your 3rd album cause i know you’re goona do a 3rd one.but that’s just my opinion based on what you asked.

  164. shaniqua.B says:

    all is well from what i’ve heard of course i’ve been to a few of your shows already and enjoyed seeing your performance very connecting and moving.i like your whole album you need to perform more of them but again that’s my opinion just keep doing your thang and don’t stop for no one

  165. Benita Jones says:

    hello camp jay gosh you are very talented i dont know what happened between you and big body records but somebody needs to pick you up like asap!!!yeah i still remember when you were signed to big body records.lol handle your biz camp jay and take care of yourself.

  166. terriana ms.cupcakes says:

    OMG.your finally getting to where you and what you’ve been striving for i want posters a cd and autograph pictures for my room.lol

  167. iamtropicalshelby says:

    ok anybody who’s concerned about their fans and listeners will be always supported by me with no questions asked may god bless you to be continuously successful i love your music camp jay!!!

  168. Lei says:

    great interview and i heard some of your music today .. #goodstuff!! keep up the great work and stay in touch! 🙂 -LeiRow

  169. keno says:

    camp jay you did it dis time with dat second album u need to release dat there asap but like n feb: sometime dat’ll b a gud time

  170. nastasia badgirlsclub says:

    hey camp jay i appreciate the support and love but i’m feeling your music so viceversal i’ll support you til the end.thanks again

  171. lil ripper says:

    man you got it camp dat second album gon be on point

  172. devine diva says:

    well i feel like i know you already after reading your interview and listening to your songs oh and i went to amazon and listened to your first cd camp jay you got my vote!

  173. tai says:

    Yeah Camp jay I think your article should be the headline you have a possitive attitude towards your fans.luv your music deeply!!!

  174. ms.sagitarius says:

    After reading your article I had to listen to your music and love everything about you camp jay or should I say carter boy? Lol

  175. philly girl tiff says:

    U real nice with it yo

  176. dj que says:

    ay camp jay i’m giving u all da spins i can n one cause dey requesting left n right to carter boyz and wutcha city like so when i say dey luvn u dey luvn u n my club right now

  177. tangy malone says:

    hi!!!just wanna say that you just won yourself another fan camp jay

  178. wendy says:

    just visit your web and had to tell your cd is gonna be hot!!

  179. skyview records says:

    camp jay we need to get together on a feature

  180. jessicat says:

    hi camp jay i heard your album on reverb and to answer your question you can’t go wrong with neither decision if you name your album carter boyz or wutcha city like because both songs are tight and they’re club rocking

  181. M.J PRODUCTIONS says:

    congradulations man i have great belief in you and looking forward to doing businees with you like asap i sent all info and contact to your facebook.talk to you when you respond

  182. kevion steward says:

    industryallaccess chose right to put camp jay in their article cause if anyone deserve to be in it he does!

  183. super dave says:

    i c ya boy!!!dat’s wutz up my nigg

  184. korsha bryant says:

    have’nt seen you since you were a shot-calla at least you kept following your dream and you have improved alot!!

  185. tim tim says:

    yo i’m a artist to and i’m down with ya just put me on camp i got some fire man

  186. de'jah says:

    hey camp jay it’s a blessing to see you being reconized because i know you put alot of work into this.de,jah aka ms.new orleans

  187. lequita says:

    ok!ok!i know i get the first cd right?i still have the poster from when you was with big body records so i’m proud of you camp jay

  188. marshane grant says:

    i guess i’ll be seing you at the 2012 awards cause i don’t see or hear too much real talent these days so keep it coming.

  189. mark da general says:

    yo dat’s tight son wut i just listened to son and i respect ya article yo

  190. tanganique says:

    heyyy!!camp jay congratulations you deserve it!!just dont forget about the lil people.lol

  191. lil mussy says:

    wut up N.O i c u then came up again dats wutz up dat second album hitten hard ya heard me?

  192. ms.brooklyn finest says:

    I’m looking for u to be the hottest new rapped for 2012 camp jay do your thang yo

  193. young fatal says:

    Wutz up camp jay I got ya first cd it was bitten but you going in on ya second one real deep man. You gotta put day out asap!!

  194. glenda morris says:

    Hey camp jay just letting u know we feeling u out here houston I’m in love with your music and ya stlye!!!

  195. Lori langston says:

    Yes me n my girls wanna b n ya video n we wanna b da carter gurlz.

  196. houston divas says:

    this is a message from the divas in houston we love your album camp jay and wish a successful future to you!muah

  197. amelia says:

    hi!!yall make way for camp jay!!!

  198. emerly/houston divas says:

    this is my personal congrats to you camp jay cant wait to see you perform here in person!!

  199. becky/houston divas says:

    i love that song carter boyz but the whole cd is rocking camp jay

  200. kelly/houston divas says:

    well i love carter boyz too but wutcha city like is rocking too.muah!!

  201. marcy/houston divas says:

    i want my poster and cd of you camp jay and i can speak for all of the houston divas on that!you are very talented with real nice music so dont change for no one cause you got it!!muah!!

  202. pam says:

    You are very gifted so don’t take it for granted take heir to your talent camp jay

  203. niecy says:

    God knew what he was doing when he created you.love your music.!

  204. ms. jirah says:

    I’m picky with my rappers and to leave you this comment should tell you a whole lot.

  205. triniece says:

    A man’s word is his bond so the album is real nice just live up to your article and you’re alright with me.

  206. east beast says:

    wut up fam i’m n ya corner on dis 1 ya heard me?

  207. ms.jay says:

    i love that song my people!!!gosh!!i’m really feeling all of them though camp jay

  208. connie young says:

    just wanted to show love cause you sound nice and so do your songs

  209. lil darius says:

    wutz up camp jay do da thang homie!

  210. da truth says:

    yo dat cd riden homie

  211. bianca davis says:

    all you need now is a video camp jay

  212. bonose.tv says:

    my crew is interrested in you and album camp jay.looking forward to working with you.

  213. terry francis says:

    Merry Christmas Camp Jay luv your music and looking forward to being at your show on saturday.muah!!

  214. randy tapp says:

    wutz up i would say go with da carter boyz for your single and let the album be called wutcha city like

  215. sharron ann says:

    hey camp!!i’m proud to see you progressing with your music i told you your time was coming sooner than you thought now just stay focused

  216. shika says:

    if the industry need my vote i’ll vote you in camp jay

  217. shika says:

    i wanna know when is camp jay releasing his second cd and video because he should be BET new face for 2012

  218. quanisha says:

    from what i’ve heard so far it was a good choice for camp jay to be put in the industry spotlight and i don’t even like all rappers.

  219. june says:

    wutz up camp jay not too many rappers out here got the right to run it like you do so you need to hurry up and release that album asap ya heard me?

  220. taliah dunn says:

    nice article i remember the first cd bring it on and i didnt think you were doing another one.Congratulations!!

  221. money bag clicc says:

    yo dat song”lil whoadie” wutz up it’s riden son but i like da rest too though you should let me feature on da album

  222. ms.prentiss says:

    you went from bomb records to big body records to doing your own thing i remember like yesterday i’m happy for you just don’t forget the lil people like you said you wouldn’t camp.lol..

  223. lonie.c says:

    i like camp jay music but i would like to know what happened between him and big body records?is he gonna do more songs with his former shot callaz crew?

  224. hustleharderentertainment says:

    real nice webpage camp jay tight songs so i know your album gonna be off the chain i’ll be contacting you after the holidays camp jay.

  225. money hungry records says:

    Wutz up camp jay industry all access made a wise decision putting you in the spotlight.lil dank

  226. q-93 radio says:

    what’s going on camp jay i went to your reverbnation web and we like your album man.we think you’re gonna do even better than the Big Body compilation yall put out.keep at it camp and congradulaions!

  227. jimmy .b says:

    the industry is a fair organization and i say this because they didn’t over look you camp so they must know real talent when it knocks at their door it’s up to you to keep penetrating homie.

  228. ms.candy says:

    i thought you gave the music up for modeling the last i heard.are you still modeling?i still have your poster from when you performed at club scores in 2006 when is your second cd coming out?

  229. daisy says:

    if it’s true about the video issue then i’m leaving my comment because i wanna be apart of your video camp jay but i live in atlanta and i’ll be there to see you perform on sun:

  230. sonitra west says:

    it’s been about 3yrs.since i seen you perform and i’m really feeling your new songssss jay!

  231. manny says:

    that’s my dog!!uptown!!

  232. new orleans twerkers says:

    Me and my girls have a dance put together for your song ” wutcha city like” and the dance club love it

  233. shamari says:

    congrats to you camp jay and merry christmas

  234. dynasty gurl says:

    great music and merry christmas to you and your family

  235. ms. tamar says:

    happy holidays and god bless you doing your career you are very talented and your music is lovely camp jay

  236. sandra says:

    Merry Christmas i love your article and yes you do deserve to be where you are as well as headed just continue to focus camp.

  237. Minnie Pooh says:

    Merry Christmas Camp Jay love your cd actually i’m listening to it right now while i get dressed i just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas right quick

  238. Crystal.W says:

    i received your message Merry Christmas to you also and yes your cd is a hit to me.Industry Access is on their job.

  239. drew says:

    yo that’s tight man i gotta give big ups to ya

  240. lucinda bell says:

    yes in deed dats wutz up i’m loving them songs!! i heard the first cd and i shoud’ve known you would get better it’s just that these songs are really touching basis so don’t give it up

  241. sophia da misses says:

    your reverbnations is worth listening to and i like what you said in your article just stick to it cause you got my support.

  242. sonya says:

    seems like you put alot of work into your cd great job camp jay

  243. lil skee says:

    whoa nah i checked out dat 2nd album and it’s a go just don’t hold back cause u got the talent man

  244. linda says:

    i’ll be looking for that cd and i’m waiting for your release party cause i’ll be there with my girls camp

  245. jay'lah says:

    heeyyyy!! wutz uppp!! i’m really into your music and yes to answer your question you do deserve to be in this article and signed to a major label cause you have really progressed since the first cd keep doing what you’re doing man that’s great

  246. cherviante mcgee says:

    all i can say is nicee!! i like all your songs so i can’t just pick and choose but i do listen to carter boyz,wutcha city like,my people,and the one about can’t hold me down your music is deep

  247. ms.k.k says:

    hey camp i enloyed ya show last night and ya performance was hot.to say that was a small place you acted like it was a huge audience i see you love what you do hope to see more of you.

  248. chedda black says:

    ay i listened to camp jay second album he gave me and it’s hitten hard man big homie representen for real!!

  249. mz. yella gurl says:

    cool article and nice reverbnation web even though i knew about it until i got the cd.concider me as a #1 fan now i’ll be at the next performance along with my gurls keep doing what you doing camp jay

  250. calvin says:

    that’s what’s up man i’m feelen that there and i’ll agree with da carter boyz being your single i heard the other songs and your album tight homie

  251. arian says:

    hey i like da carter boyz but when are you puting the cd out?i like all of your songs

  252. latrina says:

    hey when are you putting your video out because da carter boyz calls for a good video to it the way you put the song together and i love it camp great job

  253. ms. twerker says:

    i’m a twerker gurl dancer and i wanna be n the video for da carter boyz

  254. firegurlz says:

    ok now all you need is the video and me and my gurls want in so i’ll hit you up on fb

  255. lil jimmy says:

    wutz gud man it’s gud to c u still at it n making progress dats wutz up homie

  256. damian strolls says:

    i see ya camp

  257. g-block boyz says:

    much luv my nig u going n on dis one

  258. calliope slim says:

    it’s n.o all day ya heard me? make it happen jay

  259. juney boy says:

    camp jay i’m proud of you man i’m still bumping your first album

  260. corey says:

    wut up round ? i’m feelen dat cd u gave me ya heard me?

  261. tevin says:

    yo i told you i was coming thru big round that song hittin hard but i like the whole issue

  262. j roc says:

    wutz up camp dats realness wut u spitten cuz

  263. mz.shine says:

    i just wanna say i’m feeling ya whole cd great talent carter boy

  264. tracy says:

    hey camp i see you move up nice songs god bless

  265. lil dave says:

    keep doin u homie nice songs man

  266. keria says:

    my song is carter boyz and my people but the whole cd is nice camp i listen to it in my car and i keep it there luv u much!!

  267. Nice article! keep grinding and stay focused and good things will come to you. show some love on my page as well! https://www.industryallaccess.com/access/iaa-spotlight-get-to-know-jordan-howard-phillys-hottest-star/

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hey wutz up jordan u wont believe this but im just now seeing this but thanx and I really do appreciate all the love and sencerity baby gurl I will be supporting you too ya heard me?……

      1. Anonymous says:

        Oh I see its saying anonymous but this is camp jay

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