IAA SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know J.SHAW-Georgia’s Uprising Star!


You can hear NO a million times, but it only takes one YES! This is the personal model of  Justin “J. Shaw” Shaw that fuels his drive every single day.  J. Shaw is dedicated to making his mark in the entertainment world as an acclaimed hip hop artist and fashion mogul. Born in Queens N.Y. and currently residing in Lithonia G.A., J. Shaw is eager to take the hip hop world by storm, and  become a worldwide force in the industry.

IAA:  What city and state are you from?

J. Shaw:  I was born in Queens, NY and raised in Lithonia, GA

IAA:  What is your music background?      

J. Shaw:  My music background is hip-hop.

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?        

J. Shaw:  At a young age, I discovered that music makes the world go around. From the first time that I heard,  2 Pac’s “I Get Around” I knew that I wanted to be a contributor to the hip hop world.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

J. Shaw:  I like to think of my songs as a mix between party music and social consciousness.

IAA:  Do you write your own music?

J. Shaw:  Yes, I do write all of my music music.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?    

J. Shaw:  The people who influenced me the most ar Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Method Man, and LL Cool J.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people ?

J. Shaw:  I would describe my music as unwinding, influential, and relatable.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist ?

J. Shaw:  What makes me stand out from other artists is the  humility I put into my music. Also, I’m not afraid to share my life stories and incorporate my political views in my music

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on?

J. Shaw:  My current projects are promoting my new radio Single “Love to Hate” Feat. Nape, releasing two mix tapes, Man of the Hour and the other project name TBA, working on my debut album, TBA, and also releasing two more singles entitled “9 to 5” and “Go Hard”.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?        

J. Shaw:  My career goals are to be successful in delivering timeless music, branching off into other ventures such as film, establishing my clothing line, starting charities, and giving back to my community.

In 10 years I see myself producing and starring in movies, winning Grammy Awards, and helping other upcoming acts reach success in living out their dreams.

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IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?          

J. Shaw:  www.reverbnation.com/jshawmusic






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  1. Get em J.Shaw Bitch Run IT!!!!!! That was ur best track ever cuz i was on it lmao. Big ups to u tho bro. Stay 10 steps ahead of the Competition

  2. All I got to say is J. Shaw is going places… Inspiring the music game in it’s art form, giving music lovers something to rock to as well as think. Keep up the great work! I am also a proud client of J. Shaw, and know he will make it because not only do he believe in himself, dedicate, and motivated, but he also invests in himself/craft and doesn’t look for handouts which says a lot about his character… A true go getter…

  3. Another Day Another Dollar is my favorite track from you I saved that song I won too lol JShaw Im happy for you by the looks of it you already have a promising future in hip hop youre already on top!!

  4. Appreciate ALL the love, comments, and feedback from everyone truly! Each one of you brings me a step closer to living out my DREAMS! Thanks and much LOVE!

  5. Congrats Justin! I think you’re doing well on your music. You and Kim need to come write and freestyle in the basement like the old days!

  6. I’m happy for you Justin. I remember coming in from work and you and Kim was in the basement writing and freestyling or either in the front yard flicking black and mild in my bushes. Yall still need to come pick up those tips! I miss telling yall to cut that music down. I wish you both success in anything you do!

  7. Hey J.Shaw just had to drop & note 2 see how my boy is doing 😉 😀 hope all is well wid u sweetheart , Wats been gud wid u ?? And bdw yee i wud luv u 2 cum chek me in Sweden or next time i go Brazil 😛 get @ Bee 1 luv

  8. I only heard one track “Love To Hate” you def are talented no doubt. You sound similar to T.I.. I wish you put a lil more energy into it in the middle of this particular track. kinda like Nas’s “One Mic track with that up and down type style. In My Opinion. other then that it was good I will check out some more and let you know what I think if you want.. 2Pac Is my fav artist still to this day, and I relate to him the most out of any other rapper and I’m from the city of Boston,Ma FYI just so you know that my opinion isn’t random! I took the time out of my day to 1. listen 2.describe how it felt while I was listening to it and 3. write this comment to you because I’m sure you appreciate a real type of individuals prospective. @ImAstarGucci Twitter.com

    • @ Gucci, I love the feedback and insight you gave. You get the upmost respect for taking time out your life to check me out. I appreciate that and wish there were more people like you out there…peace and much love!

  9. Thanks once again, For everybody getting down with the J. Shaw Movement. All your comments and feed back brings me a step closer to living out my dreams! Much Love! Down to Business dropping soon!