IAA:  What city and state are you from?

CURTIS MULLEN:  Philadelphia, PA; (North Philly)

IAA:  What is your musical background?

CURTIS MULLEN:  I grew up in North Philadelphia, in the City of Brotherly Love, where music was therapy for your soul, and it gave you a good feeling.  When I was growing up, hip-hop was new and fresh, and everyone wanted to be a part of it.  My love for hip-hop led me to establishing my own management company, Viking Entertainment LLC.  My artists on my label have released independent projects and traveled around the states networking and promoting their material.  I am also a hip-hop editor in a Philadelphia basketball magazine, CHECKBALL MAG, writing for its hip-hop’s entertainment section along with promoting Viking Entertainment’s artists and projects.

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?

CURTIS MULLEN:  My love for the hip-hop culture was strong.  However, I was content with just listening to and enjoying the music.  However, I have two cousins who are recording artists and they felt I had the qualities of a good personal manager.  After constantly turning them down, I decided to take one of my cousins up on his offer.  Within months, we were negotiating a possible deal with former Washington Redskins football player, Lavar Arrington.  These negotiations caused me to go all-in as a personal manager. Now I am operating the Viking Entertainment record company.

IAA:  What type of music does your artists write?

CURTIS MULLEN:  My artists write hip-hop, R&B, and pop music.  My artists write about everything that affects one’s emotional health, good or bad, from relationships, politics, life or death, growing pains, school, story-telling, family, the joys of life, overcoming odds, etc.

IAA:  Do the artist you manager write your own music?

CURTIS MULLEN:  My artists from the oldest to the youngest, such as, Young Spitty, who just turned 16 years old, write 100% of their music.  My artists feel everyone has a story to tell.  And, who better to tell their own stories than them.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

CURTIS MULLEN:  My musical influences are the hip-hop pioneers of the 70’s, Michael Jackson, Prince, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, NWA, New Edison, The Fat Boys, Tupac, Nas, and even the artists who never reached their goals but made good music.

IAA:  How do you describe your artists’ music to people?

CURTIS MULLEN:  When I describe my artists’ music to people, I let them know that they have unique talents and are focused on making good music that everyone can enjoy and relate too.  Depending on the occasion or event, my artists have music for all ages.  Viking artists pour their life in their music expressing themselves proving that they can carry the torch to keep today’s music in good standing.

IAA:  What makes your artists stand out from other artists

CURTIS MULLEN:  First, being in Philadelphia where everybody and their mother raps; to capture my attention, the artist have to be unique like a red umbrella amongst the thousands of black ones.  Then I help the artist distinguish themselves from other artists by teaching them that the music industry isn’t just based on talent alone. Sometimes, even the most talented artists do not make it.  Viking artist learn about the music business, and they learn to keep up with the ever changing music industry. Lastly, my artists also distance themselves from their competition by receiving direct feedback from their targeted audience giving them a good idea of the potential of the music they are making.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

CURTIS MULLEN:  Viking Entertainment is currently working on several mixtapes along with constantly building its artists song catalog.  J. Sean is currently working on his mixtape. Young Spitty, who has been holding the label down, is working on AV2 (Anticipation Vol 2).  Besides this as a manager, my year long project is to constantly evaluate and record new talent, and to continue make my company stronger.

IAA:  What are your career goals?  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CURTIS MULLEN:  My career goals are to make my artists strong young men and women who are able to raise healthy families, and become individuals who are not selfish, and are concerned about local and worldwide issues.  Second, I will love to be able to put my artists in a position to release music with a major record label.  Or, I want my artist to make money independently fulfilling their dreams in the entertainment industry which they love.

In 10 years I see myself continuing to develop and nurture new talent.  But, I also want to have a non-profit business teaching kids about the music industry, tutoring them in finance, math and science to produce future doctors and engineers like myself.  Lastly, I will remain involved with both teaching kids how to play basketball, and work with kids with behavior problems.

IAA:  How can your fans access your artists’ music and contact you?

CURTIS MULLEN:  You can access my artists’ music and contact Viking Entertainment management through its company website www.vikingmuzic.com email: cmvikingent6@gmail.comand on the following social networks (YouTube, twitter, Facebook, and MySpace).

Manager:        Twitter – (Viking42),       Youtube – (VikingEnt1 Channel)       www.vikingmuzic.com

Young Spitty  : Twitter – (@Youngspitty215 ),     Youtube -(Young Spitty)

Corey Wims :   Twitter- (@TSOP),  Youtube & Facebook–(Corey Wims)

J.Sean : Twitter -(@princejsean)  , Youtube  -(princejsean) and www.hotnewhiphop.com/princejsean


  1. I would like to first commend mr. curtis on continue being a avenue for young talent throughout the city of brotherly love. Secondly I wish you much success in your future endeavor. Keep it positive and remain humble.

  2. Mr. Curt, the message in this article is so positive. I hope this message reaches the masses of young people who will benefit from this information and guidance. I wish you all the best with all you do. We need more men in the world like you to let the young generation know that despite some things they see. WE CAN ALL MAKE IT!!!!!! Love the artcle 100%.

  3. It was a pleasure to read this article to hear about a
    a positive bro. Who loves hiphop,respects its pioneers,and is not selfish and is helping to groom young men
    And assist them in following their dreams. I personally know Mr. Mullen and he fed. Keeps it 100 with positivity.

  4. Curt is a loving person . More than a manager but a friend he never tells us what we we wanna here but what needs to be heard. I’ve been To New York & Conneticutt & Have Been On The Radio , Mixtape Release Apperances & Have Done Local Shows & Was Nominated For An Artist Of Tommorow Award Everyday Is An Oppurtunity To Do More & This Summer The Grind & Hunger Contiues God Bless Y.S. AV2 Follow My Prometer @Reggie Butta & Partner @HeSoGone !

  5. This article was a breath of fresh air! Being from North Philadelphia myself i love to see and hear positive things, especially when it comes to music which has always been an area of my own personal interest, Curtis I also appreciate that you not only enjoy being a manager but you also enjoy EDUCATING your artist I wish Viking ENT. nothing but success and im sure with your powerful mind frame you all will have it.

  6. Ive known this dude since we were freshman at Temple University in philly. Not only is he an up and coming entrepreneur, this an educated brotha who holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. We spent plenty time in between classes and somoetimes during discussing(actually arguing) over basketball football and hiphop. So um telling ya’ll this dude is official!

  7. Viking Ent. has been moving at a steady pace. “Curt” knows exactly how to breed a good artist just like myself, Young Spitty & Mugga.

  8. This is a very good artical First there are a lot of great questions and there’s good feed back. I also believe that this is a good artical because by me being a rapper i can Relate to the Luv for Hip-Hop and being a positive person beyond a artist. Keep up the good work and it will pay off.

  9. Curt I enjoyed this positvie article. You have grasped unknown talent & put your heart 1st; in seeing that these artists get noticed. Curt has a eye & vision 4 music like no other. To know him Is to love him, because he gives his all when your apart of his team. Great story & keep up the positivity to the youth & you’ll reach all your goals!

  10. Great job Mr Mullen i didnt expect nothing different a great man and a positive role model not just a good friend of mine but a my son God Father and a great 1. Please keep being the great man that you are and continue to be a great inspiration to the young men today they need all the good role model men that we can get. We love you and glad to have this man a part of our lives. Being a single parent my son was blessed to have a man like you take up the slack of his biological father he is truely bless to have you just wanna say
    Thanks alot mr Mullen:)

  11. Thanks Mr. Curtis for letting read your interview and to take a peak at what you are doing outside of working with children with behavior problems. Keep up the great work and I know that God will bless you and your artists.
    Perhaps you can talk to my boys about the music industry and how to get into it.

  12. I truly enjoyed reading this article. It’s nice to know that Philly is still on the map,producing great hip-hop artist. After the likes of Sigel,Cassidy,and Millz we’ve shown that we’re definitely a city to be reckoned with. Keep up the good work Mr. Mullen and thanks for keeping Philly in the spotlight!

  13. I truly enjoyed reading this article. It’s nice to know that Philly hasn’t lost it’s edge, in producing the great talent that our city has to offer. After the likes of Sigel,Cassidy,and Millz we’ve shown that we are definitely a city to be reckoned with. Keep up the good work Mr. Mullen. Thanks for keeping Philly in the spotlight!

  14. this guy curt is really makin a impact on the philly underground music scene i believe we met b4 im not sure where but he has a great eye for unheard talents he an artist; Young Spitty who is honestly way b4 his time…. but jus to see his guy curt here i kno hes doin sumthin good

    The Spectator

  15. this bul curtis mullen has been doing shit in philly for over 10 years its about time his young artist see the exposure that they rightfully deserve. oh yea viking ent if u aint know

  16. Shot out to my muthafuckin ol’head curt g’z finally gettin sum recognition im proud of you O.G. we all get our turn been time for viking entertainment


  17. First, I want to congradulate my brother on his accomplishments. He is a very hard worker, and would do anything for anybody. Not only is he living out his dreams, he is helping our youth to live out theirs through music. Im glad to see him get a chance to express himself to the world through this article. Keep up the good work and keep doing what you love. Our youth needs a role model like you.

    • Curt ima keep it short and say you are the man and I’m proud to be ya artist, and you deserve all that come ya way.. God bless the man with the brains “Curt Mullen” go get em…!

  18. Very inspiring and uplifting. I love music of all kinds but hip hop holds a special place in my heart. Growing up in Atlanta Ga and Philly I feel I had the best of both worlds musically. Your point of view is key to what’s going on in the world of hip hop today. Keep inspiring the youth because they don’t have it how we did when we were young. I wish you the best in everything.

  19. Mr. Curt!!!!!!!! Time to start making ya millions. I love and respect what you continue to do for the community. Looking forward to your future projects.

  20. Curt, very good article, but im not suprised at all. You are a positive role model that many young men and women need today. For theyre very few. I have watched you build more and more on your dream and I am proud of you. Dont forget about us little people when you make it big, lol. Great job Curt!!!

  21. oh and nice pic… I have enver seen one of you before, you usually hide from the camra.. but get use to the camra.. cause your time has come…


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