At a very young age Chris “Flaw Ro” Thurmon, knew he had a passion for music. Staying motivated and more determined as ever,  Chris Thurmon is ready to leave his mark on the music industry.

IAA:  What is your music background?

FLAW RO:  My music background is Hip-Hop and R&B

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

FLAW RO:  I want to connect with the world. Maybe one of my songs will help somebody through a time period in their life. Good or bad, most of my album tracks are motivational.  They stand for something.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

FLAW RO:  My songs are about motivation, money, and everyday life situations.  My songs deal with love, heartbreak, and the struggle to survive. For Example “Chasing Wishes” my album single is about my struggle to make it into the game and stepping out as a solo artist. I wrote that song in my cousin’s garage when I was sleeping on the couch.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

FLAW RO:  My music isn’t really directed towards a specific group of people. I make music for anyone who can relate and can have a good time. Whatever type of beat I am feeling, I write to it. My goal is  to catch someone’s ears in the process.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

FLAW RO:  My musical influences include Michael Jackson, Marques Houston, T.I., Outkast, Tum Tum, Z-ro, Trea Tha Truth,Ludacris, Jon B., Jodeci. The Gap Band, Basic 80’s & 90’s RnB, and Sade

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

FLAW  RO:  My music is live, unique, and motivational.  It makes you think about life in a different light. My music connects with your deepest thoughts.

IAA:  What makes you standout from other artist?

FLAW  RO:  I don’t focus on just one genre. My mind is too scattered for that. I’m a Gemini.  One day I might be hyped and want to do a club song, the next day I might be sad and want to write an emotional song. A girl might catch my eye and I might write a song about how I felt when I first saw her.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on.

FLAW RO:  I am currently working on my 2nd mixtape titled “Deep Thoughts.”  The mixtape will deal with situations I’ve gone through. I talk about new relationships, trust issues, real fans, friends, and family, I am also working on a Tri- state mixtape titled “The Lost Freshman Files”. The mixtape consist of artist such as myself and other artist who I feel have been over looked and need to be heard. Collaborations are hailing in from Bellevue, Ohio, California, Oregon, and of course Texas

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

FLAW RO:  My career goals are to develop my production company, 1 Coppa Penny Productions/TnE Productions, and also open Union Studios. My goal of the studio is to provide a place where artists can record their music at a reasonable price with good quality. I want to  bring out artists from the Relentless Generalz and Yung Delegates.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

FLAW  RO:  My Youtube Promo Video:http://youtu.be/dHSF9HnWKUo.

Dowload the mixtape at : http://www.datpiff.com/Flawless-ft-Romeo-V-Mr-Sweetz-Money-Motivated-rap-Theory-101-mixtape.301748.html

Where you can access my music page.www.reverbnation.com/flawrosweetz

My twitter: Flawrokilsweetz Facebook1:http://www.facebook.com/#!/cthurmon1

Facebook2: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100003219528950






    • its all real life mah lol explain my struggle all the way to my come up. its gonna be in da video anyways so i put it in the bio. thanks for the support and viewing.

  1. AW thats my BESTIE!!! I LOVE YOU CHRISTOPER!!! Im so proud of you! I knew you would always end up getting big, since you where in history class and us hanging in your room of you writing lyrics about everything and anything that came to you! i am always here and will back you up 100!

  2. good job baby, the bio is real good nd yu know im yur number 1 fan when it comes to yur music! keep up the good work cause yu got it and yu deserve it!! nd looking good in the picture!! #TEAMFLAWROSWEETZ

  3. I’m very proud of you Flaw!!!I wish you much success in your Music career.Congratulations also on being featured/spotlighted on IAA.Never give up on your dreams.”A WORLD without MUSIC would be nothing”!Never LIMIT yourself my friend because there are NO LIMITS.one love ♥ always,Cali…much respect and support

  4. Flaw and I met over an internet radio station a few months back. Ever since I heard Flaw’s music I felt it necessary for everyone in my state to hear his creativeness. I now have quite a few people in Ohio loving, learning from, and enjoying Flaw Ro’s music. I honestly can’t think of anyone more dedicated and deserving of an opportunity to be hear world wide than Flaw.

    • ro s/o to just so real music rns yall put me on wit the internet radio me n tha lost boy much love to yall all day i wont ever forget yall kats n we gone rise

  5. Oh my goodness!! My friend from Ohio told me about you! Me and my girls all love your music and think you are very attractive! keep them songs coming!!


  6. One question….Why aren’t you signed yet?? I would rather listen to you than half of the songs i’ve heard on the radio here in Atlanta!! Keep it up Flaw!!! Mad Support!!

    • hahaha much love fam rns bro forreal forreal and idk why im not signed yet im tryna get the deal as we speak got a show at the house of blue june 3rd wish me luck fam

  7. I was on Facebook, and seen on of my friends page’s and it told me to come here…glad I did…All the way from Ohio loving the songs!…and By the way you are TOO fine!!!

    • lol glad u came urself and listen to the music n glad u enjoyed it. lol thnx for the compliment also. N to whoever dont think i dont kno beezy i kno him he put me n the lostboy on to the online radio show. also me and him gonna be collabing on at least 2 to 3 songs on my next mixtape im dropping this yr.

  8. we all asked B.Lynez to send us some songs dat chu did play boi. All of em’ are some bangers! made myself a new ringtone today cause my “Swagga like wow” keep em’ comin all da way from da 419!! oh an by the way dat “chasin Wishes” goez dumb as hell too!!

    • haha much love fam swagga like wow the club banger and chasin wishes is my underdog song for all the hustlers and grinders ya digs. stay posted we just gettin started from dallas to ohio we gone get it in. s/o to b. lynez we finna eat dis next mixtape up.

    • much love on the music site post and checking it out. means alot to hear ppl say best music site on the web. thnx for support and following

  9. Im lovin the music bro, got em jammin you out here in tennessee now. keep doing your thing, it looks like its about to pay off. i cant wait wait to turn the radio on hear FLAW RO SWEETZ on that bitch… much love and support bro….

    • Macc let dem boys know what it iz out there in the tennekey fam. let em kno we do this from dallas to tennessee fam much love big bro we finna eat fam

  10. Love the music cuz, always have back since dem MySpace days lol. I see u coming up & doing big things. Sky’s the limit and I know u got what it takes! Already downloaded the mixtape, chasing wishes is still one my favs, and the “Fuck It” video was dope son. Keep doing what u do, and remember the family always got ur back 100. Still gta make it back out to SA town fa sho tho!
    Much love cuz, take care & god bless.

    • haha s/o to da duece dime baby ima come back out der real talk and yea this been a long journey for reals. im glad yall sticking around watching the grind progress. stay locked on this is just the start.

  11. Love the music cuz, always have back since dem MySpace days lol. I see u coming up & doing big things. Sky’s the limit and I know u got what it takes! Already downloaded the mixtape, chasing wishes is still one my favs, and the “Fuck It” video was dope son. Keep doing what u do, and remember the family always got ur back 100. Still gta make it back out to SA town fa sho tho!
    Much love cuz, take care & god bless.

  12. Hey cuz! 
    Keep up the hard work! You have always been dedicated with your music! It’s all gonna be worth it! 
    Ey J-vas had talked about going up to Dallas a while back to chill with you and maybe see Jill?! Hopefully sometime tho! 
    Anyways cuz keep doing what you do! You know you got mad support from your Vasquez family down in SA town

    Peace & love cuz

    • much love cuzzo real talk it means alot yall having my back ima try and get some shows out there soon just gotta get this production and promotion going smooth and then start setting up the shows in sa town and n htown. thnx love all of yall and god bless. yea cant wait to see him its been along time also

  13. say boi…that music goin ham…i can’t wait for ur show next month at the Blues Palace….i know you gonna rock da mic…and shut dat bytch down…

  14. i love your music each one of your song has a good jumping feeling to it i cannot wait til its on the radio
    much love ya gurl la’monica wilson

  15. never heard of you until my friend la’monica play your music and i must say i’m feeling your music hopes to see you on 106 n park…
    team luv yur music

  16. This nigga wack man. Cliche type nigga. You ain’t even from the hood. And all yall wack who like him. Chasing wishes sound like a song I wrote. Haha much love Kenfeezy doin it man I see you showing your fans some love that’s what’s up.

  17. Chris, im so proud of u! U have something special n I wanna thank u for sharing ur talent with me. I know u will go far in ur future, n I pray god guides u, gives peace of mind n strength. Ur such an amazing person as well as a friend n artist. Keep up the good work n knw im here to support u n ur dreams. Through thick n think this chick is here to stay my friend! Love ya kid! God bless

    • much love wit workin wit u to also fam cant wait to finish these songs and drop this collabin ep. we finna kill da game wit yo beats n my flow

    • mos def fam thnx for takin the time out to read bout ya boy and listen to the tracks. keep grinding fam and ill see u at the top

    • much love nova s/o to ohio rns yall showed me so much love and still are we gone eat ya digs from dallas to ohio we finna take da world by storm

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  19. Thank you for sharing your music
    Such a talent being able to write what you feel in words
    Then another talent to put it to music
    Good luck

  20. Thank you for sharing your music
    Such a talent being able to write what you feel in words
    Then another talent to put it to music
    Good luck from @ i_tweet4DUKE

  21. Thank you for this, Chris. A great interview, and fabulous track ~ I thoroughly enjoyed both. You are extremely profound with regard to your influences, and foundation in music. I look forward to retweeting any tracks, videos and gig dates anytime in the future. X

  22. Love the page and the article the swagga like wow goes hard can’t wait to see yu at the show!much love : )

  23. Loom @ all this love u gettin bruh bruh!!! Cant think of a more deserving man to hopefully get an amazing opportunity!!! Ohio love an blessings sent fam!!!!!