Fourteen year-old Timyra-Joi has a motto, “always believe in yourself and follow your dreams.” Timyra-Joi has had roles in movies and numerous TV commercials and print ads, including universal pictures “Curious George The Movie” and “Stacy’s Mom.” She has acted in numerous theater productions, most notably as Cindy-Lou in “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” at the old Globe Theatre. She was recently cast in a Broadway production workshop written and composed by Duncan Sheik and Steven Stater. A trained dancer since the age of 3, she has danced in many locations. Furthermore, Timyra-Joi has sung in numerous vocal performances, and has sung the national anthem for various major league ball games including a Padres game, a national school board association event, at angels stadium, and at a San Diego police officers association event. In 2007 at the age of 9, Timyra-Joi was featured as one of “America’s Most Talented Kids” on the Maury Povich Show. Timyra-Joi also won the VH-1 “Save The Music” songwriters award for her song “What Kind of World.” The song was also nominated for the Los Angeles music award for “Best Inspirational Song Of The Year.”Timyra-Joi can also be seen on this season of America’s Got Talent. Check out the exclusive interview with the budding songtress

IAA: What is your music background?

TIMYRA –JOI:  No one in my family sings nor are they performers of any kind. My brother is an amazing writer and he writes songs for me.   I began singing when I was 18 months old, and began vocal training when I was 5 years old. That same year I had my first performance, singing the National Anthem in front of 10,000.  Basically, music has been a part of me my entire life.

IAA: How long have you been doing music ?

TIMYRA –JOI:  I have been doing music for 10 years and I began playing piano when I was 12 years old. I mostly play by ear.

IAA: Who are your musical influences?

TIMYRA –JOI:  My musical influences are Celine Dion, Beyoncé, Jessie J and Rihanna.

IAA: What makes you different from other artists?

TIMYRA –JOI:  I think what makes me different from other artists is that even though I’m only 14, I am very serious about my gift! I like to make sure that everyone understands and feel what I’m singing about. Delivering the message is more important to me than just singing or performing.

IAA: What are your past projects and achievements?

 TIMYRA –JOI:  I have had so many things happen to me in the past year. I have been blessed enough to have to actually make choices on what things I would actually do. As a result, I’m on this season of America’s Got Talent and so far it is a journey. I hope that I will get far on the show. We shall see.

IAA: Name a defining moment in your musical career?

TIMYRA –JOI:  I think the most defining moment in my musical career occurs every time I’m told “no.” It’s very humbling and it makes me stronger. I realize that if I want this bad enough then I have to work very hard and never give up! Each one of those moments are defining, and it reminds me what it takes to pursue a musical career.

IAA: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

TIMYRA –JOI:  FAMOUS! At the Grammys, accepting an award!

IAA: How can  fans contact you and  access your music?


I’m currently in the studio working on music that I’m sure you would love!!!

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