Ounce possesses the talent and musical passion to turn heads in the music industry with his charisma, astounding studio resume, and his street credibility all obtained at such a young age. Ounce began rapping at the age of nine participating in schoolyard battles and ciphers, to gain the respect of his peers. At the astonishing age of eleven, Ounce was also producing his own music. Although early on Ounce was often doubted as an emcee, the period after his middle school years played a major role in Ounce’s musical development which would ultimately lead to a career pursuing his passion.

Ounce started recording music as a secular artist, then became a Christian rapper, then transitioned into commercial distribution music. Ounce has performed in talent shows all across San Antonio, Texas, and has performed in clubs bars and venues all starting at the age of 14.

Ounce operating independently had great passion and understanding of music, yet lacked the proper management and direction. That never stopped Ounce from furthering his independent music career. Ounce knew that his faith in God, and his hard work ethic would one day pay off for him.

IAA: What city and state are you from?

OUNCE:  The city and state I reside in is, “San Antonio, Texas” but I hope to one day expand my music outside of my home city and state.

IAA:  What is your music background?

OUNCE:  As far as my music background goes, I started writing my own lyrics at the age of 9 and two years after that I started slowly learning how to produce my own music.  From then on, I fell in love with the talent that I found. I knew that one day I would be able to make a career out of being a Recording Artist/Producer. So, since then I have stayed persistent in learning how the music industry goes. As an Artist and a Producer, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience at such a young age.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?


 OUNCE:  I want to record and release my own music because entertaining people is what I love to do. I also love showing my music to people who will take interest. My top goal as a recording artist is to make sure that my music will be heard by everybody especially the ones who are not hip hop/rap fans.

IAA:  What are your songs about? (themes)

OUNCE:  My songs are about anything that people would want to hear. I am really open to hearing feedback on what my fans would like to listen to in a song.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

OUNCE:  My fan base is directed towards anybody who loves to hear music, especially the younger generation whom I love bringing to my fan base.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

OUNCE:  My musical influences are Tupac, Eminem, Kaize Mind Productions, Bun-B and Pimp C of UGK, Jay-Z, Chamillionaire, Trae the Truth and ZRO.

IAA: How would you describe your music to people?

OUNCE:  I describe my music with love, hate, anger, sadness, happiness, and any other kind of emotion that music can make you feel.

IAA: What makes you stand out from other artist?

Sandra Ann Danielle Gaitan – “What makes you different is that you are dedicated to your music you don’t stop just because small or big trials and issues get in the way,  you write about things people can relate too not just random topics.”

OUNCE:  There are many things that make me stand out from other artists, but one main thing is definitely my dedication and my strive in pursuing further into my career as an Artist and a Producer.

IAA: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

OUNCE:  I am working on my first album which is called Prime Release, as well as various San Antonio high school mix-tapes. I am hoping that with these High School Mix-Tapes that the young crowd will feel a certain kind of acceptance knowing that a soon to be international artist recognizes the young generation of this day and age.

IAA: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

OUNCE:  My career goals are to be recognized by major record label companies and to one day become an international artist and tour around the world. I will not stop until I accomplish that goal.

In 10 years, I see myself becoming one of the greatest Recording Artists in music history. I plan to exceed past what my goals are and to use this talent of mine as a career that will make me a product that everyone around the world will want.

IAA: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

OUNCE:  You can visit the following sites to check out my music for FREE downloads or to stay updated on what’s going on with the movement:

1.      www.Ounce.Musicblog.com 

2.      www.vibedeck.com/ounce

3.     www.reverbnation.com/ouncesworld

4.      www.twitter.com/ouncesworld

5.      www.facebook.com/ounceofparecords

6.      www.facebook.com/ounceofpaentertainment

Contact Email: Ouncesworld@gmail.com

Booking Email: Ounce.musicinfo@gmail.com




    • Thank you so much for your supporting me and helping me and sponsoring me with those photos!! You do a wonderful job with the work you do! #OunceLove

    • Thank you so much for being by my side every step of the way and all the help that you give me with this music LOVE YOU LOKITA! #OunceLove #TeamOunce

  1. I’ve known you since middle school , and even then you were so much into your music. You’ve never let anything stop you from perusing your dreams. Your dedicated and a great artist. & i know that with your potential your going to make it BIG. i believe in you and support you 100%.

    • Thank you so much for seeing the dedication that i have in my music! And thank you for taking me serious when no one would when i was a young artist! You have supported me a long way! #OunceLove

    • Thank you so much Kueen!! You have been a big inspiration in my music career, keep doing what you doing as well you are making a big impact in the music industry! Much Love to you and Make It Reign Promotions!! #OunceLove

  2. Ny boi ounce, maan itz crazy kuz since we were young kidz all we ever talked about was blowing up n being big, but we took diffrant pathes and now we both big in our home citys, 361 to tha 210 I allways said n its always ganna b like that, il b back to Sa soon n flip yhe scrip!!!!

    Much love,

    • Thanks man, and yea i remember all the times talking about what we were gonna do when we get famous! Time passes by so quick.. Dem Boyz from Da Block is Still Alive!! #OunceLove

  3. my niqqa ounce . im proud of you ! yr qonna do it BIG homieeeeeee ! I believe in you . keep doinq what yr doinq 🙂

    w . L0VE ,
    yr qanqster party qirl <3

  4. Dammit that nigga OZ Hitting it big man I’m proud of you foo iknow you got some mad skills time to show these fruads what’s up an there time has run out an its YOUR time to shine lil homie let’s get it…

    -SYKO OF P.A.

  5. Great article! Its all about the truth from you growing up, & I have got to say I couldn’t be any more prouder of you from all this knowledge. You know! Keep up your talent & don’t allow a stumbling block in your way! You have earned all of what you done & we luv what you do!!! Much luv son!! 🙂

    • Thanks Mom for raising me and dealing with all the times the music was loud, all the times that I had people over recording. Even though I use to think you didn’t support me much in this industry i take a step back and look at all the work you did as a Mom and I cant thank you enough for that!! I love you so much from your baby boy! #OunceLove #TeamOunce

  6. Ounce I’ve known you for a good while & I know you’ll get far you’ve worked so hard for everything you have & remember at one point when you helped me w/ my music (: you are a very great guy that has a dream & from where your at I know you’ll make it big (:
    I love you .

  7. ounce is truely an amazing artist i had the privilage of seeing him in a past show of his and got to see the great talent brought along with his more real and truthful lyrics that can inspire those around him i love his work of art and i hope one day to see him international

    • Thank you so much Gene keep up with the hard work I promise you it will pay off! Stay on top of your game and don’t trust anyone that promises you the world cause in return they will give you a bunch of headaches!!! Keep working. #OunceLove #TeamOunce #Salute

  8. I believe he got what it take ya know i seen him perform at a talent show at sage against 15 more people and out of all 15 people he won 500 if that not talent then what is so its a 4sho fact he got what it take and he still young so the best yet to come from him im looking forward to seeing him on T.v soon cuz he is one of the best Local rap down this way and i rap myself but my hat go off for him cuz he got the skill talent and motivation to become successful in is career

    • Thanks for all of your support and for your support for me at the show stay connected and I will get you involved with what goes on with the music!! #OunceLove #TeamOunce

  9. Ounce idk wat to say im happy for yuh and wat yuh hav become is amazing!! I still remember wen i used to say no one will b better den daddy yankee but yuh made it! Ha im proud to say yuhr better den him lol and kno tat im jst being honest. Im so proud of yuh:) yuhr a great guy 🙂 yuh deserve the best. And i see life is treating yuh like it suppose to. Yuhr doing wat yuh hav always wantd to do and tat makes me happy yuh kno why??…cuz i see tats wat makes yuh happy. Keep it going and yuhll make it evn further in life trust me. Always keep yuhr head held high. miss yuh alot , yuh dnt evn kno. Hope i get to see yuh some day:) take kare i love yuh.

    • You hear that Daddy Yankee you got competition!!!!

      And Blanca thank you so much for showing support in Idaho and spreading my music around you are a big pillar in my fan base! Stay strong and keep connected. #OunceLove #TeamOunce

  10. Hey Ounce! I’m glad that your dreams
    I think it’s freaking
    awesome! 😀 I think it was awesome
    that we went to school together
    even if it was only for a little
    while. I’m glad that we got to know
    each other before you left it was
    always awesome that you would rap
    for us when we would ask you too at
    school I always enjoyed that. Anyways
    I like your music too it’s great! 😀
    I hope that you’re taking good care
    of yourself and message me every now
    and then kay? Hope you have a good

    • Thank you for supporting the article and will do! Keep updated with whats going on I would like to form a street team in Twin Falls Idaho and Kimberly Idaho I would really like for you to be one of the leaders! But once again thank you so much for the support!!! #OunceLove #TeamOunce

  11. Well ionly met u lass year at holmes wen ibouqht ur mix tape which
    Was pretty dope istill have itt:D yuu wuld wreck at holmes
    Wen evrybody wuld rapp at lunch, yu wuld stand out frm tha rest doe
    Yuu nvr ran out of thnqs to rap about yu always kept
    Goinq while other quys wuld freeze up lol ur really blessed to make it disz far, keep up tha qewd workk its qewdd to see a quy lyk yu
    Representinq for sa town<3! Gewdd luck to u n ihope all ur dream
    Continue to kome truee ,yu qawt my support alonq wid many other ppl ,


  12. even though i jus met u and everything i think that ur music is great keep chasin ur dream and u will get their

  13. keep ur head up and keep grinding fam my bad it took so long to get at this ya heard me but i see u, just remember aint no one gone believe in u more then u will ya dig so keep yo head to the sky and ur back to the wind. #1hunnid

    • Thanks man, you are a inspiration in my career! Thanks for your support I know for a fact that I will see you at the top with me! Lets work one day and intertwine my fan base with yours! But before all that stay on your grind you are a hard working man keep up all the good work!

  14. Ounce,c:
    i’ve Known You Since Middle School & iTrully believe your gnna make it all the way! you put alot of effort in your music and your also very talented! iBelieve in you!c:

  15. Ounce
    Well ii Met You in High School I Always Loved Hearing Your Music (: I’m Proud That You’re Doing Big Things And Following Your Dreams (:

  16. proudd of youuu andrew ^.^
    keeep up the good work c:
    Never let your dreams down
    & keep your head up highh c:

  17. This is your homeboy ummm well when we went to middle school in Idaho u told me that u raped very good. I was like watever u can’t rap at all. The last day of school u said u where going to move somewhere els I was like that going suck but now I see u that u moved but now have a beter life wey

  18. ounce is one of the hardest working rappers i know and at such a young age.he also very talented and has so much passion for his work and because of his passion i support him to the fullest i kno he will make it !!!! #TeamOunce

  19. Keep your head up bro! You’re doing great things man. I’m glad to see you’re still working hard. I hope to see more success from you in the future!

  20. You’ve come as long way in your rap career i know you will make it! Keep your head up and keep moving forward! Dont let nobody bring you down, Good luck boo!


  21. Much love to the homie ounce.. Keep grindin and dust the haters off as u go homie, cuz the better u get the longer the line of haters.. #210love

  22. You obviously figured it out. It sounds like not only are you on the right track, but you are RUNNING on it lol. Great work. Looking forward to more of it…

  23. Ounce,

    NEVER, EVER, EVER stop pursuing your dream! There will be people that will try to discourage you, hate you, ridicule u…. but do not give the power to distract u!!

    The most important piece of advice I can give you is to start reading and learning about any/all IP (intellectual property) situations out there. This is part how you will be paid and recognized for your work.

    Stay strong!

    Jake Rodriguez

  24. I’ve been hearing about this kid Ounce all over the web and via staff members. I just had the opportunity to go pass a few of his links and I must say I was very impressed. I love the grind and consistency is an under statement considering everything I just read I would love to work with the kid. Here’s my email addy hit me up artistdiscovery@live.com

  25. Ounce .

    i Dont Really Know You But i Had You For A Class in The Middle Of The Year. &nd You Seem Pretty Chilled & i Like Your Music. i Believe You Can Get Were You Wanna Be in Life Just Keep Up The Good Work (:

    -Sincerellyy lOVE c:

  26. Ayyyy ma niggah Ounce >:P don’t forget me wen Ur famous ma nigguh… U knw I always got yo bak for anytin aight homie

  27. Heyy bro, I’m glad to see that yu’r on yu’r way to getting exactly what yu’ve been waiting for. Nd iHope yuu know that this is only a step in the many many amazing raods yu have to cross. Im so proud of yu nd can’t wait to see what yuu bring to music. I’ll always be behind yu to support yu! iCant wait till yu make it big brother!
    Much love, lala

  28. Great article. This was very informative and I learned a lot about an artist that I didn’t even know! Good job!!


  30. My Niqqa Ounce ,

    iMet You My Sophmore Year , && Automatically Saw True Talent . iKnow Competition When iSee It ! Lol . If It Wasn’t For You , Some Of The Things iHave Done Would have Never Happened . I’m SOOOOO Happy For You . && Hopefully One Day , iWill Blow Up Just Like You Did ^.^ iHave NO DOUBT In My Mind That You Will Be One Of The Worlds Best Rappers In This Game . You Have Come So Far , So Don’t EVER Give Up On What Yu Have . iThank You For EVERYTHING That You Have Done For Mr , && Who Knows , Maby I’ll See You At The Grammys One Day ^.^ iLovee You Bro ! Keep Doing What You Do And Put SA On The Map !

    -Lovee <3 Deandra-

    *Upstate Dreams*(Texas Chapter)

  31. Ur an amazing rapper and my favorite cousin. I know you’ll make it far and I hope you remember your lil couzin when your all rich and famous!!:) I love you<3

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    Dym ur almost there keep goin
    Do what ya gotta do ta
    Get up there good luck!!<3
    Ur good @ what ya do
    Don't let no one tell ya different

  33. I’m glad I’m promoting for you because you followed your dreams an never let nobody put you down. You have the courage to do this so I’m supporting you all the way.:)

  34. That’s my boy right there keeping it real in the business! Keep up the hard work and you definaly belong onThe X Factor next season wining that 5 million dollar record deal!

    – Torian