It was not until his adult years that Paybacc’s true passion for music began. During his incarceration as an adult, Paybacc’s passion for music grew even stronger. He began using the prison walls literally as a tool to produce a beat to go with the many hooks he had written. These hooks sprouted into songs such as “Im a Hustla” and “I Ain’t Hard To Find“. Inspired by many greats such as 2 Pac, Pimp C, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg, Paybacc’s style brings a west coast Cali flavor with a Texas flavor.

IAA:  What is your music background?

PAYBACC:  I just always loved music. I started writing while on lock and kept going. I have done many shows (Fat Bastard, Youngsta, ETX Music Conference ft. Mama Wes) all around Texas including venues in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?

PAYBACC:  With music being one of my passions, my family encouraged me to pursue my dream. I have other personal reasons. I have been ready to for quite some time.

IAA:  What are you songs about? (themes)

PAYBACC:  My songs reflect what I am thinking, going through, and various life stories. Real life.

IAA:  Do you write your own music?


IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

PAYBACC:  2 Pac, Pimp C, Ice Cube, Too-Short, Snoop, Game, Scarface, Biggie, 50 Cent, Dre, and Bun B.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

PAYBACC:  Real, straight from the soul, (no shorts).

IAA: What makes you stand out from other artists?

PAYBACC:  My “west coast meets down south” flava.

IAA: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

PAYBACC:  My hittape, not mixtape and many upcoming performances.

IAA: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

PAYBACC:  Producing and making a way for others who are trying to come up. I also plan to continue investing in my music and my Gravedigging Service.

IAA:  How can fans access your music and contact you?

PAYBACC:  Many of my live performances can be found on the following social networks:





And fans can personally email me at: danewagemac@yahoo.com







  1. Paybacc has hot music. Change Gone Come is a really good one. If you want to dance though, Even though the beat drop is it.

  2. This Cat has a really cool Cali/Texas Swag!I have several favorites from him,which is just the start of it…check out Even tho the Beat Drop,Swag So Sick,and Motivatorz then we can talk about his talent.His stage presece is also hype. He even has some hits that go real good with sports games (guaranteed to get u in ur SMASH’em mode).Check this Cat out bc he is for sure to GET YOU KRUNK,YEAHHHH!!!

  3. checked out a few songs on the artist e card site and dude shows versatility with his music. I really like MVP showing knowledge of basketball and music. Change gone come makes you think. I am digging your style.

  4. Dude you show alot of versatility with your music. MVP it is my favorite. I like the artist e card site, Im going to have to hook my brother up with that. Change gone come is a thinking song. Make you want to change your life.

  5. Undeniable SWAG and flavor!!! Bringing back the REAL!!! Fresh beats and tight lyrics… Got me bobbin my head!!! Loving it!!!!!

  6. Paybacc muzic is hott…Even Doe The Beat Drop isone my all time favorite bangaz….dis boi bout to take the south to the next level……

  7. I have seen Paybacc Live in Concert a few times on the @DWERECORDS Talent Tour. He always brings high energy and that West coast kinda swagg on all of his performances. His management team is prompt and professional when representing him. Look out for more to come from this talented artist, Every time the beat drop…

  8. Man its real out here and anywhere u live god dont make niggas like pay back anymore spittn what he go threw what he see what he do and how he live ask me is it true I was there god blessed him to make it in the game as well as this world he been eating in the game for a while and deserve nothing but to flourish so I mean he aint fot to prove nothing to nobody just show the world how to live lif# and how to get it in a better way I love my big bro payback that is we worked in the game together and still give advice to one another to get threw ah closed door good things dont just walk up to u they wait on to come and get them prayer is the key and god is both of our answer so I mean with or without u he still gone ride because god passenger seat all da way love u payback and mama tru keep it up love always octyg

  9. Well How can I start about Paybacc. First he is extremely passionate about his music. He puts his heart and soul into what he does and does it well. I have had the pleasure of being a part of this process and seeing the growth. He has many songs that I know can be hits such as “You aint Fresh like me” Change Gone Come, Ima Hustla and many more. And when He decides to collabo with other artist it is just as amazing. “All I need is Money” yeah, yeah!!!!

  10. I remember Paybacc was getting frustrated with this music industry. I told you brah keep pushing its gone pay off,hard work deduction.

  11. This boy live is off the chain!!! “Even tho the beat drop” has me losing my mind every time I hear it!!! The sky is the limit for this young talent!!!

  12. Paybac is real, his music comes from his heart nothing is just for the show he feels what he writes and I love him for that.
    Keep doing what you do paybac

  13. one of the hottest rappers in East Tx. Making strides and taking the rap game to a new level, keep it up Paybacc, the best is yet to come!!!!!

  14. Paybacc got that tru style when he speak, no cap rappin, no studio gangsta, just real musik for real people, by a real tru G….REAL TALK!!!!! THA PAYBACC TAKEOVER IS COMING, this was great article to get to know more about one of my favorite Texas artist.

  15. Paybacc has great musik, he gives wat the streetz been missin sumtin to believe in, no cap rappin no studio gansta just real musik for real people, great article dont stop doing wat ur doin we need sumone to let em the streetz is still alive, go see Paybacc on stage you wont be disappointed he speak the truth

  16. My little brother has always been a super star in my eyes! Keep going and reach for the stars they are yours to have. Your gift was paid in full at birth!

  17. I luv u bruh!…U r tha MVP my nigga! Im luvin wht ur doin wit ur music & Ive alwys known sum1 wld c who u r as ” Mr Paybacc tha new age mac”!!…Truly sum1 who cares abt hs roots & always hs sumthin 2 say whn it cums 2 life as it is. Frm Pu**y Boyz to Change gon come, Tha Truth is spoken thru ur lyrics. What more can I say… A TRU ARTIST!!!… I luv u Bruh!!…MUAH***Big Sis***

  18. sorry bout that dbl post yall my connection is acting up and didnt post the first but i see it did but anyways everyword is real the world better get ready for Paybacc

  19. when you become famous i want thhe full vip treatment that means front row tickets and backstage passes keep doing what your doing and you will get there just putting in my request early

  20. The music is original…it has that original old skool flavor that the game is missing..its good music,Lyrics & has a message to it that you can relate to.

  21. My nigga holding it down! It ain’t that shit that goes thru one ear and out the other! That real shit that make you think!! D.A.

  22. That boi they call PayBacc is a work of art. The first time i heard is music i actually jumped out of my seat to vibe out with Him. Industry music all the way son

  23. WOW!!! I remember when this cat started out spitting. I have watched you grow from a novice to an unsigned expert. The way you decided to use your word play in so many songs is completely crazy. I take my hat off to you bro. Your music has inspired many of the people now that have dreams of stepping out and letting their voices be heard. I truly encourage you to continue to move forward and do the unthinkable. A lot of folks wanna be a hot dog but can’t cut the mustard (real talk). I see that most people gotta be gased up, but i see you doing it all on E.. much love to ya bro

  24. PayBacc!!!!!!!!
    How sweet it is, love your music Pa- keep on your grind! Spread your music as far as possible,more power behind youuuu!!!!!!!!!You know we be jammin:)

  25. I am STONE. I have been working with paybacc for bout 6 years now. And if anyone knows his music its me. I have heard him at his best and his worst. But he has never given up he keeps pushing. I have worked with over 200 artist in time as a music producer n he has been one of the artist that stood out from most. A cali voice with a texas swagg is

  26. Nice article. Keep on “GRINNING” bro, we know you are going to make it. From “P” town to “H” town. “GOD BLESS”.

  27. Can’t no one hit that beat like you. You put out real stuff it ain’t fake like a lot do . You have inspired someone to write his own stuff and sing. I thank u for that cause instead of showing anger or sadness all the time he writes it. Keep doing ur thing ur going somewhere and then u just gonna take it a level higher when u get there.

  28. I can relate to his music… He tells a story which lets us take a tour through his mind & thought… The concept of his music is like none other…Paybacc has a swagga that separates himself from other cats in the game… Paybacc is the real deal no lie….

  29. I can honestly say i like your music paybacc.. keep it up man! all your lyrics are real and i can just pretty much say to keep pushing.. pursue your dreams:) it will pay off

  30. i dont know a whole lot about rapping or nothing like this but my sister brought this up and i like it.. i hope you get to where you wanna get paybacc… your music is good… you express yourself out and talk about reality, not like others around here.. keep it up 🙂

  31. real!!! i like it paybacc.. its unique and all i can say is keep up the hard work and hope to hear more of your music…

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