The n9n3 is an alt/experimental group from Phoenix, Arizona. The group consists of three members, Humble with guitar and production, Chesta with throat and design, and Divide with technical and auxiliary. Their music, mostly produced from an assortment of live instruments and analog music sequencers, is moody and layered with a painful resonance.

Chesta, the vocalist, sings about his life on the streets of Brownsville, NY, using his lyrics as a means of cathartic release.

Humble writes music to fit the mood of the song and the message that the group is trying to declare to whoever can hear, using sometimes complex and sometimes minimalistic rhythms to convey the atmosphere of the piece to the audience.

The n9n3 was created through a complex mixture of remorse, closure and determination. With the belief that they have in themselves as a unit and their talent, the n9n3 took the energy of the universe and the power of their will and dedication to become very unique with their sound.

Using a home studio in Phoenix, Arizona, the group records their music and makes videos.


IAA: What city and state are you from?

THE N9N3:  The band is from Phoenix, Arizona. The lead singer is from Brownsville in Brooklyn, NY. The guitarist is from Phoenix, AZ. And the bassist is from Houston, TX.

IAA:  What is your music background?

THE N9N3:  Parade marching band, live bands, rap groups, talent shows, haunted house entertainment and touring, alternative, trip hop, hip hop, grunge and metal.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

THE N9N3:  We enjoy making music. We consider it a lifestyle and find it hard to imagine going day to day without expression through music in any number of outlets. It just makes sense as artists to release it to the public. The best way to see your art is through the eyes of your fans.

IAA:  What are your songs about? (Themes)

THE N9N3:  Our songs are about the dark emotions, traumatic life experiences and crazy thoughts that some of us have to endure from day to day.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

THE N9N3:  We don’t want to label our fans. In our experience, a sweet elderly woman in a small town could enjoy a piece of our music as much as the young thug that would thoughtlessly shoot that same elderly woman.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

THE N9N3:  60’s songwriters, 90’s nu-metal, 90’s rap, industrial and trip hop, 70’s jam bands, jazz groups as well as classical. We listen to a pretty wide range of musical genres.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

THE N9N3:  Anyone with access to the internet can preview our album Rut on iTunes, Google play, and Amazon. You can even buy our album online in Japan through their local distributors.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

THE N9N3:  We don’t stand out from other artists. We are music and everyone that has anything to do with and is a part of music is part of us. We are a perfect combination of rhythm and anger dashed with determination and based in confidence.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

THE N9N3:  We are currently working on our next CD. We are also doing a mix tape with some local hip hop artists and getting ready for the next tour.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

THE N9N3:  (Individual goals):

( C) We plan on being as big as the Beatles and as popular as Michael. I want to be a CEO and have the insight of a Warren Buffett.

( H ) Having the luxury of playing venues across the globe and experiencing music from every dark hole and back room out there.

( D) To establish financial security and continue making music and having a good time here with you for our ten year anniversary interview.

(Band goal):

Being very successful, with several albums and tours under our belts, millions in the bank and owning businesses.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

THE N9N3:  Fans are encouraged to visit our Facebook page where they can listen to our music as well as access links to our Twitter and MySpace accounts. However, for listening to our music, we send our fans directly to the distributors; iTunes or an equivalent where they can preview our music.









  1. N9N3 Is an awesome upcoming band, with lyrics we can all (in the dark) relate to!!! Just not a good idea to drive while listening, doesn’t help with my road rage!!!

  2. The N9N3 is worth your time. They have a fresh sound and presentation that you don’t find very often. Buy the album, but you must attend a live show!!

  3. Wow I’m Super Proud to see this Article…. Salute to the N9N3 keep on Shining i’m happy for u Omar. I love this part “The lead singer is from Brownsville in Brooklyn, NY.” haha Much Love and Success!!!


  4. Very good article. The album (The Rut) is banging for those who haven’t heard. The N9N3 is definitely a group to look out for. I’m proud of my brother. For sure!!!

  5. Wow im blown away by the Q&A u guys will go far.. Im very happy and proud of u all but I must say I’m most proud of my brother Deshawn we been thru so much and had so many reasons to be angry and negative but u turned into a good thing anger music and money ur so smart.. Good luck guys keep up the good work.. Hard work and dedication pays off as y’all already know

  6. I unfortunately have not been able to see the N9n3 but I was in a previous band with Humble and can attest that he is a talented musician and Divide is talented as well.
    These are individuals who know the industry in and out and have being doing it for half of their lives.
    Good luck to you all…

  7. “a sweet elderly woman in a small town could enjoy a piece of our music as much as the young thug that would thoughtlessly shoot that same elderly woman”
    Cracked me up. Obviously a Divide statement.

    By the way the offer on “boney” is up to $300 now……

  8. Fantastic interview guys! Listening to your music is an experience that you don’t get much anymore! I hope to see a show one day! Come to Ohio!

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    truly blessed; )

  11. These guys are as disturbed as they are talented. We need more groups like this, who push genre boundaries to their breaking point – a breaking point that shatters into a broken glass storm of originality that sticks with the listener from the very first listen.

  12. I enjoyed the interview. To have three individuals from 3 totally different places (birthplace) and come together and make such good music. I enjoyed the cd and I am proud to watch chester grow into such a fine young man

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  15. I am so proud of the N9N3. They have come so far and grown so much. This band has so much dedication and drive. The music is outstanding and like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Chesta, Humble, and Divide are about to take it to the next level. I’m ready for the ride!!!

  16. Son I told you it will happen!! Keep up the good work and tell the rest of the Band I said I am praying for all of you!! Group keep your head up! Looking good for you!!

    Love you Mama Brenda!!

  17. Pure Talent! The illest artist comes from Brooklyn. I’m with you all the way bro. This is going to be big, & you most definitely got my support. Peace God. You stay fre$h!

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