kimbAfter leaving her dance group, “Sick Wit’ It,” in 2006 to pursue a music career, Kim B., 25, has been on her way to the top as a rising Pop/R&B singer-songwriter and dancer. Her music has been compared to artists such as Ciara and Keri Hilson, but with a fresh and original sound. Ever since she debuted in the 2007 Aurora Idol competition, she has been reminiscent of a young Janet Jackson. Her stage presence and energetic performances have been entertaining audiences all over the Chicagoland area.

In 2010, Kim B. graduated from Columbia College Chicago and released her very first EP “I’m Kim B.” Each track rode a wave of infectious melodies while highlighting Kim B.’s natural songwriting instinct.

Kim B. has a Christian upbringing and is determined to stay true to herself on her way to the top.  She once said, “I want to prove that you can have it all without having to follow somebody else; if it’s God’s will for you to be on top, then you will be.” Her spirituality is reflected on her song “Thank God” (from the “I’m Kim B.” EP).

Kim B.’s work ethic and passion for her music is driving full speed towards mainstream success. She is currently working on finishing up her 2nd EP, “Kim B. Continued,” due out early next year. The first single “…Makes Me Wanna Dance” featuring local Chicagoland artist Knu York, has already been well received by fans. The performance of the song has been requested at various venues and even used in a workout routine at fitness center “Dance Fuze Studio” in Aurora, IL. 

IAA:  What city and state are you from?

KIM B.:  The west side of Chicago, Illinois, however, I moved to the Chicago western suburbs when I was thirteen. I currently reside in Montgomery, Illinois.

IAA:  What is your music background?

KIM B.:  As a pre-teen, I took piano lessons and began singing in my church’s youth choir. By the age of 13, I began teaching myself how to dance hip-hop and started a dance crew in high school. We went on to win many talent shows until I left the group at age 20 to enter a singing competition called “Aurora Idol”. It was in this competition that I was able to combine both my singing and dancing skills and this was the beginning of “Kim B”. While honing my talents as an artist, I also attended Columbia College Chicago as a Music Business major. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010.

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?

KIM B.:  Growing up I used to watch artists like Janet Jackson and Aaliyah and it just sparked this desire in me. I knew when I was around eight years old that I would one day be doing what they do. Plus I noticed how doing music gave these artists a platform to influence, inspire, and give back, which is what I ultimately am called to do with my life.

IAA:  What are your songs about?  (themes)

KIM B.:  Love, Spirituality (God), Dance, Confidence, and Frustration.

IAA:  Do you write your own music?

KIM B.:  Yes I do. At first when I got serious about pursuing music, I tried recruiting other lyricists to write for me. But that process was complicated and I got tired of tracking people down. So I one day just sat down and tried writing songs myself and I have not stopped since. My frustration with other writers caused me to discover a hidden talent within myself and it has opened the door to many creative opportunities.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

KIM B.:  Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Missy Elliot, and Mary Mary. This is just my top five; there are many more artists who influence me and my music.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

KIM B.:  My music is unique with smooth vocals that you can enjoy in a room of all ages. The lyrics are clean and simple yet relatable and easy to sing along to.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist?

KIM B.:  My strength as a performer and my confidence in who I am is what sets me apart. I believe that recording a song is only the beginning of the journey. I put so much work into creating performances to go along with each song. My live show is what really makes me stand out because I know how to sell the music and engage the crowd at the same time. Also, just simply being comfortable in my own skin while maintaining my integrity and focusing on “Kim B.” sets me apart. I understand that this is a competitive industry, however constantly comparing myself to others and worrying about what they’re doing is a distraction. Instead I choose to strengthen what I’m good at, which is being me! I am a positive person and I’m all about honesty, which I why I only choose to attach myself to projects that I can truly be proud of. I sincerely care about being a great example to others and inspiring them.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

KIM B.:  I am currently working on finishing up my 2nd EP entitled “Kim B. Continued” as well as planning the release party for it. My first EP, “I’m Kim B.” (released two years ago), was strictly a digital release with no real hype surrounding it. But this time I am fully committed to going big and capitalizing on my strength as a performer. Expect for “Kim B. Continued” to be released sometime in February/March of 2013.

IAA:  What are your career goals?  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

KIM B.:  My goal is to become a successful international touring act and also write Billboard #1 songs for myself as well as other artists. It would also be nice to receive some validation by winning a Grammy. So in ten years, I see myself being on a sold out world tour while also being a sought after song writer. I will also have three Grammys by that time.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

KIM B.:  My fans can visit KimBmusic.com. That is my official website and you can find links to my other social networks on there. I can also be contacted through email at KimBmusic@gmail.com.



  1. Kim is an extremely comitted performer. Your attention is immediately captivated as soon as she takes the stage. Kim. B is a wonderful artist and will soon be on top.

  2. Awesome artist! I have seen her perform and she is truly amazing on and off the stage.So confident, yet humble. So talented and relatable. I am looking forward to what this artist will be doing in the future. I have no doubt in my mind that she will be a Grammy Award winning artist. I can’t wait to see what Kim B. has in store for us!!!!!

  3. Kim B is very dedicated to her art. I have had the pleasure of watch her skills for a very long time and I can guarantee that this artist will not be denied! From song writing, singing and dancing she has the whole package! Watch out all you female artist, Kim B is here to stay!

  4. Kim is different from any artist that I’ve heard. She is talented and stays true to her music while making a spot for herself in this industry.

  5. Kim B has an inspirational story. Her drive and passion for music is unbreakable. This young lady has such positive energy and when she hits that stage, she is smashing! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for KIM B for 2013!

  6. Kim B we are very proud of your commitment to your music. I see how hard you work to be successful. Continue to strive for excellence. We love you and look forward to bigger things in 2013.

  7. You know how you meet someone and you can tell they’re destined to do great things? That’s Kim! I know that this is only a stepping stone in great things to come. Proud to say I know you. Much love and blessings sent your way.

  8. Kim B is one of the best all around performers I have seen in my life her passion she puts in her music levitates the audience her dance moves are sick and she is extremely beautiful I’ll be in line for her next show and can’t wait to get this album I’m even buying one for my girl friend

  9. Kim b is a wonderfully natural and raw talent. I can say I haven’t seen many performers with as much passion as Kim. Shes a great friend with whom I am privileged to sing, learn and do praise and worship with!

  10. Growing up with Kim, I am more than lucky to have her as such a huge influence in my life. This strong a passion for music, dance and singing is hard to come by and it is apparent when watching her. Success is in your near future, Kim B.! If you don’t know her by now, get to know her.

  11. Kim is the one of the most underrated artist in this city! She has pure raw talent she is driven & it’s only a matter of time before she’s on the cover of your favorite magazines!!

  12. Kim is awesome! I look forward to seeing her on the big stage! She’s an awesome person inside and out. That smile she’s always got on her face will brighten up anyone’s day. Keep doing your thing Kim, I believe in you and I know I’ll see you on the Grammys one day! 😉

  13. Seeing Kim B LIVE is an incredible and entertaining show. She keeps the crowd alive and has great music to back her up. When she is performing everyone wants to see what she has coming that night. A+ on her performances, energy and dedication to her local peeps.

  14. Kim B is very talented and has grown so much as an artist over the years and will definitely continue on the path to the top! She also has a very welcoming spirit that has and will continue to open many doors for her. Can’t wait for the world tour and Grammys!

  15. Kim B been hot since our high school days(and i dont just mean music;))…its good to have someone come out of Aurora with the passion and drive that she has. i wish nothing but the best for her and her music and look forward to doin music with her some day….yu got my full support!!! KIM B FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! MUCH LOVE YOUR GOOD FRIEND AND FAN MIKE BONEZ

  16. I’ve watched Kim grow in her craft since she was in middle school. She has always had a strong presence when it came to performing, whether it was rehearsal for a show or imitating her favorite artist. You can also tell how passionate she is when she steps on stage. She has a strong influence over her fan base and she represents GREATNESS. An Amazing Soul! #TeamKimB

  17. Kim B. is a rising star…talent THIS brilliant with charisma, hard work and HEART to match, the sky is the limit!! I have seen her grow from a spunky, lively little girl to a driven young lady that has taken her dreams by the helm and made them a reality! Keep up the awesome job, Kim!! Your future is BRIGHT in EVERY capacity and we are ALL lucky to be a part of your journey! Xoxoxo!

  18. Kim is so amazing!! She is so very talented and knowledgeable in every aspect of music. She is one of the most genuine people I know! I have learned so much from her and she inspires me to the fullest! She stays true to who she is and sticks with it! I’m honored to have her as a friend! So excited for the greater things to come!

  19. Kim B! I don’t know if words will every express how proud I am of you. Watching you grow into this Phenomenal Woman has been one of the biggest Blessings of my life.

    You are my little sister and I am and will always remain your brother and one of your biggest fans!

    This is just the beginning! To the top, babygirl! To the top!

    God Bless and I love you!

  20. As a fellow AurCity artist it is great to see your talents getting a chance to shine. I still feel you are HIGHLY underrated as an artist. We’ve done a handful of shows together and your passion and drive are definitely something to remember. Much love and success to you and all that you are doing. #ACU #Salute

  21. I can’t wait to see what she does next! I love that she is so committed to staying true to herself. That is exactly what that industry needs.

  22. first off I’d like to say that this interview is great. Kim, you stayed true to yourself, as I’ve always known you to do. You’ve never been one to follow the crowd. since high school, you’ve always shown yourself as a leader. i am beyond blessed to be able to call you friend. i am so glad you are being recognized and that your dreams are coming true. keep up the great work! and ps i love taking pics of your live show. love ya girl

  23. Soooo happy and proud of kim. She was always so quiet. I wouldve never guessed all she has accomplished came from her based on how quiet she used to be. Keep making good music kim. You are doing an awesome job.

    • Thanks Iesha! Believe it or not, I’m still pretty shy and quiet! I just learned how to transform into “Kim B.” mode now. Thank you for your kind words and support!

  24. Kim B is the best performer I have ever had the pleasure of watching. She can not only dance and sing, but she can deliver that it factor that just takes a performance from one level to a whole new one. I LOVE KIM B!

  25. Kim B….. Your Boricua Mom is sooo proud of you!!! I knew one day you would be heading to the charts!!!Not only can you dance and sing, but when you perform you take people to a level not been there before. I remember the good old days of Sick Wit’ It! We had fun! I enjoyed watching your moves, then, and I still do, on those occasions when you come over. Kim B is a wonderful person and artist. Continue shining!

  26. Kim B! Kim B! Kim B! 🙂 You get me pumped up everytime I see you perform. So happy for you and the moves you are making. Keep pushing for those dreams 🙂 I’m looking into taking a hip-hop class by the way. I definitely wouldn’t mind learning some stuff. Keep it up!
    God Bless!