IAA:   What is your music background?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I am familiar with a wide range of music genres. Some of those include rap, hip hop, and some R&B. I like to listen to old school music as well.

IAA:   What inspired you to pursue music?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  Music has always been a dream of mind. I started doing music to release the emotional stress of losing several close friends and family members.

IAA:   What are your songs about?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  My music discusses my life experiences. I talk about everything I have seen or done  while growing up.

IAA:   Do you write your own music?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  Yes I do write my own music because I don’t feel that someone  else can express my thoughts in the way that I do.

IAA:   Who are your musical influences?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I have several but most of my influences come from our rap/ hip hop icons such as Tupac, Ice Cube, and UGK. I am greatly influenced by any down South and West Coast artists.

IAA:   How would you describe your music to people?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I like to describe my music as being expressive and inspiring.

IAA:   What makes you stand out from other artists ?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I feel like my style is original. I try to be street but with a little class by using wordplay to express myself with as little foul language as possible.

IAA:   What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on?

ED DA HENCHMAN:  Right now I am working on my next individual project “Welcome to Skataville.” I am also doing a collabo with my sister Lady HERricane on a mix-tape called “Sibling Rivalry.”

IAA:   What are your career goals?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I am a dreamer  so anything is possible. Right now I am just trying to get my name known in the music game.

IAA:   Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  Hopefully I will still be making music the people want to hear and possible  do movies.

IAA:   How can your fans access your music and contact you?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  On ReverbNation www.reverbnation.com/eddahenchman  or follow me on Twitter @eddahenchman You can also look me up on Datpiff.com or Thatcrack.com and lastly you can email me edhenchman84@gmail.com or Stuffgameent@hotmail.com





  1. I think the article was very informative.I also listened to his music and I really think this young man is going somewhere.

  2. yo yo whats good jus swinging by returnin the love I checked ur music out and I def fucks with it. spread the word about me young sir lol if you would I need all the love I can get ya dig be easy